Imagine how different your life would be if you showed up feeling totally confident in who you are.


When you’re confident, everything seems possible.

It’s a state of being where you fully trust who you are and nothing and no one can make you question it.


Tell me, are you currently:

  • Fixating on your imperfections and thinking others see them too

  • Feeling self-conscious and like you want to hide

  • Not really wearing what you want for fear of judgment

  • Refusing to wear a bikini in front of others

  • Turning all the lights off during sex

  • Hating trying on clothes

  • Grabbing at your stomach, inner thighs and arms with hatred

  • Always assuming they won't be interested in dating you because of how you look

  • Thinking if you lost weight people would like you more

  • Avoiding pictures or prefer standing in the back to cover up your body as much as possible


Well, I’ve been through that too!

Maybe you can relate ...

On a mission to get a new outfit, you head to the store and start to pick items up.

“Can I take those for you?” the lady asks. 

She whisks your clothes off to a changeroom.

You follow and find yourself surrounded by full-length mirrors and unflattering lights.

You catch a glimpse of yourself and are confronted with a body you do not want to accept as your own. 

 You sigh and try to pull on the first dress.

You manage to get it on and feel like a sausage in a casing. 

“How is it going in there?”, the lady asks.

You're sweating and struggling in the dress. 

With each pull, you become increasingly frustrated.

“It's fine, thanks", you snap back. 

You do not want to own the reflection staring back at you. 

Your eyes fill with tears as you grab your stomach and thighs. 

You pull on your clothes and silently hand everything back, too ashamed to try anything else on. 


Look I get it.

That crushing feeling that you're not good enough, where you miss out on life, cancel plans, not wear what you want and keep yourself hidden. 

This is why I developed the 10 Day Body Confidence Course!

Hi I'm Victoria!

I'm a science-based intuitive eating and body image coach.
I specializing in teaching women how to reclaim their body and life.

I pride myself on educating and empowering women on a scientific and biological level.
I find this to be the most transformative approach after myself recovering from extreme body dysmorphia stemming from eating disorders.

In my own recovery I saw that support and education was severely lacking and so I became the coach that I myself needed. I take my first hand experience and unique science-based approach and share it with you!  

My coaching has changed the lives of my clients and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change yours as well during this 10 day course.

"I feel free, loved (by myself), and more confident than I thought I could ever be, especially just letting my body be." -Sarah. M 

This program takes you step-by-step over the 10 days showing you exactly how to fast track your way to life changing body confidence.

No bullsh*t repeating “I love my body” affirmations in the mirror that you don’t even believe.  

The method I've developed and share with you in this course is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced. 

I take a cutting edge, no fluff, logical, science-based approach that no one else in this industry is been able to teach

Using the latest and most powerful techniques you can effortlessly tap into the version of you that has been waiting to be set free! 


This course teaches you how to…

  • Stop focusing on your imperfections when you look in the mirror and thinking that everyone is noticing them too

  • Rock that outfit you’ve been waiting to lose weight to wear and say “f*ck it” the world deserves to see my sexy ass self and I’m going to give it to them

  • Ask them out and show up knowing that anyone is lucky to simply be in your presence

  • Love it when people look your way and see your body as you know that you’re a f*ckng goddess

  • No longer grab at your body in hatred, but rather caress it and turn yourself on by your own loving touch

  • Love ALL photos of yourself and enjoy capturing all the memories while being front and center

  • Strut down the beach in your bikini like you’re on a runway

  • Try on clothes feeling calm, powerful, and sexy

  • Be so fully confident in who you are that you can create any reality you want for yourself

AND learn it all from the comfort of your own home!

Mili Velikova

I feel like I've completely transformed who I am on the inside.

I even signed up to a gym because I want to feel better, not because I need to lose weight!

In terms of confidence, it's totally off-the-charts. Not in the 'omg look at me' way - just in a way that I know who I am, what I stand for, and what my value in this world is.

This is better than anything else I could have signed up for - because I can now use this confidence in my food choices, my relationships and my business as well!

You'll get full access to:

  • 10 transformational videos 

Each day is a new body confidence topic packed with no-fluff value guaranteed to change how you see yourself and the world around you

  • 10+ results-driven homework tools

Integration and implementation is key for sustainable transformation

  •  An epic portal of bonuses

Expert guest speakers, box breathing exercises, meditations, phone wallpapers

Plus so much more!

Makayla Anderson, 25

I was always searching for the next diet or workout program. I found most of, if not all, of my worth in my body.

I was constantly beating myself up if I didn’t work out enough, or my body wasn’t changing how I wanted it to.

 I was so mean to myself and  had huge insecurities and worried constantly about what people thought of me.

I was SO doubtful about this program but would do it all again in a second!

My internal thoughts to myself and others are so positive and compassionate.

I’ve learned to accept myself in a way I never thought possible with tools that I can have with me wherever I go.

Accepting/loving yourself is the greatest power you can ever acquire

My body and my mind are my friends.

This program has completely altered my perspective and the world around me.


*Psst... you can also access the course through an app on your phone, convenient and easy!


H.R.S, Age 31

After obsessing about losing weight for more than 15 years, I finally feel like I have taken that obsession, dropped it and stepped away.

I feel freer to be myself and have energy to live the life I want. 

This program taught me what it actually means to love myself and now I can say I truly do.

It’s time to step into your power, admire yourself in the mirror, ask for the promotion, pose for the pictures.

It’s time to start LIVING and stop hiding!!!

Cierra S

I struggled with my body and worried about how I looked, even when going to the gym an activity that I greatly enjoy!

I missed out on activities and experiences in my life because I was scared of how I would look.

After this program, it's like I have a clean slate and an arsenal of techniques at my disposal. 

I was taught how to believe in myself and be accountable for myself.

I now understand just how strong my body can be when I take care of myself.

Thanks to this program I have so much more confidence and its impact on me has made radical improvements in my life.

$397 USD

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Ashley B

I used to struggle at social events, unable to really connect with people because I was always worried about what I was wearing, how I looked, and comparing myself to others in an attempt to validate my body or my feelings.

After this program, I have deeper connections with the people in my life because I am able to engage in social events and no longer worry about my body - in fact, I'm very proud of my body!

Thank you so much! I never could have comprehended the headspace I am in today, how I can feel awesome in my own skin without changing my body composition and feel so much more open to uncertainty and vulnerability.

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What if you were the girl who showed up confidently?

What if you were the girl who said “yes”?

What if you were the girl who goes for it?

What if?

Life is passing you by, become who you are meant to be.