So growing up I never fit in...

I was tall from a young age, heavy set with an athletic build and broad shoulders.

"I always struggled with my weight.... always used food as my escape, my drug of choice to cope with feeling inadequate, depression, anxiety and later a sexual assault."


Throughout university I gained weight... a lot of weight. My body was my armor, my shield against the world... but it also made me feel invisible.

Following university after several failed diet and exercise plans later I bought a 12 week weight loss guaranteed program….

 I went all into this program and pushed through the starvation level of calorie restriction and intense unhealthy workouts...I lost weight but also nearly lost my life in the process.

"This was the beginning of the end.."

I developed an eating disorder and would starve myself all day and over-exercise and then was so hungry at night that I would go on huge binges...

I would be filled with so much shame, anger and anxiety of gaining weight I would purge it all..

But during this time my new identity had become “the girl who had lost weight”...

I was getting the attention and acceptance I had been seeking my entire life did… people called me an inspiration for losing 65 pounds so quickly…

"Yes I was skinny, yes I was at my goal weight but I had never been unhappier or unhealthier in my life."

Something needed to change...

I began seeing therapists for my eating disorder but my work with these therapists was limited to my emotions and my past and I felt that I was missing a key part of the equation.

"They didn’t understand that it felt like I was two different people..."

One who would binge, overeat, was out of control and didn't care about the consequences.... and the other filled with shame, hate and disappointment of the other person's actions who had goals to be healthy and fit and happy... 
Being from a science background I needed to understanding how my brain and body functioned, understand why I was engaging in certain thoughts and behaviours from a biological level

"Thus began my journey of hundreds of hours of research and painstaking trial and error to uncover the answers that changed my life."

Now I teach women how to heal their relationship with food just like I had to do for myself. 

"Through education we remove the shame, anger and fear."

My coaching is unlike any other program offered where the key to success is combining the science, the emotion AND the true understanding, support, empathy and accountability of a friend who has been through it before. 


Together you will learn how to stop food fear & guilt so that you can eat effortlessly and intuitively.


"I was struggling heavily with the binge and restrict cycle. My life was inconsistent and I didn’t trust myself around food. I’d restrict for most of the day just to have a huge binge later on. Then that meant I needed to compensate, so I’d be paying for it both mentally and physically. After working with Victoria food no longer has as much emotional weight for me. I can feel my emotions and not try to mend things with food! I’m working on eating more intuitively and listening to my body:) She is truly amazing! One of the most genuine, real, honest, caring and empathetic people I’ve ever come in contact with. My major takeaway is that food is never the answer. The momentary satisfaction isn’t worth the long term pain. She taught me there are positive ways to cope with emotions and it’s important to confront and let ourselves feel whatever we’re feeling. She is an amazing support system and so attentive! The most beneficial source of help I’ve received for my eating disorder. Her 24/7 support is beyond helpful. She’s honest, open and tells you what you need to hear in a loving way. She provides the science behind why we do what we do and provides the tools to rebuild those negative patterns. Her coaching is truly incredible and I’ll always be grateful for everything she did for me:)"

-A.R.C, Age 19

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