What is Intuitive Eating?


The official definition of intuitive eating is “making food choices without experiencing guilt or ethical dilemma, honoring your hunger, respecting your fullness and enjoying the pleasure of eating”.

My personal definition for intuitive eating, “it is the result of having a healed relationship with food. It is eating from a place of neutrality, deeply rooted in self-care.”

When we have no moral connotation with the foods that we’re eating, when we peel back all the layers of food guilt, rules, shame, etc, what’s left is simply our ability to listen to our own body and eat and live in a way that feels good for us.

But that’s also what makes intuitive eating difficult. It’s trying to let go of everything we’ve been told we “should”, and “shouldn’t” eat after years of being conditioned through social media, fad diets, magazines, etc. that we can’t trust our own body.

Intuitive eating is shedding all of the toxic diet culture information that we’ve accumulated and instead choosing to trust ourselves.

Now, this is a rather radical notion in this day and age, but here’s the thing, only we know our own body, we know it best.

Intuitive eating is all about rebuilding that lost connection with ourselves because we were born as intuitive eaters, it’s how we’re meant to live, but many of us have simply forgotten.

Now let’s break down one of the biggest myths around intuitive eating and that is “if we’re allowed to eat whatever we want, we’re going to eat everything”.

That feeling that we won’t be able to control ourselves around food is simply a reflection of restriction.

What Is Intuitive Eating? Restriction creates rebellion and allowance creates space for choice

Here’s a really simple and quick tool that I use with my clients that I’d like to share to help get you started on your intuitive eating journey.

The next time that you’re going to eat and you’re having a dilemma around whether you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat it, here’s exactly what I want you to say.

“I give myself permission to eat x (insert name of the food). Do I feel like eating x?” 


This creates an abundance mindset around food.

For example, what if I were to tell you that starting tomorrow, you’re never allowed to have any more of your favorite food, like chocolate. What would you do tonight?

Likely you’d go out and eat all of the chocolate. Versus, what if I said that you had an endless supply of chocolate forever?

Well, at first you’d likely get very excited about it, but then over time, it’s going to lose its novelty. You’re going to relax because you an abundance of it.

And that’s exactly how our brain works around food!

By leaning into food abundance, we move away from food scarcity, food restriction and from that space, we’re able to choose to eat intuitively as a form of self-care.

It’s about understanding what our body is asking for, respecting and honoring it.

This means knowing we won’t be eating only chocolate or chips all day long because that wouldn’t be practicing self-care.

In my online programs, I teach women step-by-step how to become intuitive eaters.

As a Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach, I bridge the gap between food fear, guilt rules and self-sabotage, to an effortless life of food freedom.

We do this through educational empowerment, powerful connection, accountability, and support and results-driving tools, to fundamentally understand our body and work with it, not against it.

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