Am I a good fit for the 90 Days To Food Freedom 1:1 Coaching Program where I will learn how to feel balanced and confident while intuitively eating whatever I want through a science-based approach?

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Question 1 of 11

Do you feel like you're thinking about food all the time? And wasting way too much time and energy thinking about what to eat/ what you've eaten?


Yes that absolutely describes me!


Not really, no

Question 2 of 11

Do you feel like you're ready to start living your best life, confident and free from food rules, dieting, restriction, guilt and shame?


Heck yes, I need to get out of this toxic relationship I have found myself in and heal it!


Nope, I enjoy putting up a good fight day after day

Question 3 of 11

Are you tired of feeling like you always need to be eating perfectly to avoid going on a binge or overeating after eating an “off-limit” food?


Yup, I'm exhausted and so done with this! I'm ready for change!!!


Nope. I don't really feel like that.

Question 4 of 11

Do you want to be able to eat and enjoy foods again instead of fearing and avoiding them?


Absolutely, I'm ready to start loving food again!


Nope, not ready to let go of the fear.

Question 5 of 11

Are you tired of going to bed feeling guilty, remembering everything you've eaten that day and then telling yourself "that tomorrow is a new day" and that "I will do better"?


Yes! I am so frustrated living this way. I need to break this endless cycle!


Nope, I like those feelings of guilt every time my head hits the pillow.

Question 6 of 11

Do you want to learn how to process your emotions and build up your emotional resilience so that you don't need to use food to cope? 


YES! I'm so done with emotional eating!


Nah, I like using food as my only coping mechanism!

Question 7 of 11

Do you want to be able to keep ANY foods in the house and TRUST yourself fully around them?


Absolutely! So ready to trust myself around food!


No... I enjoy keeping my kitchen empty since I can't trust myself around food!

Question 8 of 11

Do you want to be coached by someone who has been through it before, who supports you unconditionally and truly understands you and your struggles?


100% I want someone who gets it and can show me step-by-step how to heal my relationship with food so that I can eat effortlessly and intuitively for life!


No, not so much to be honest....

Question 9 of 11

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being no body confidence and 5 being Beyoncé, what would you rate yourself?


1- I rarely let people see my body, I don't even like to look at it.


2-On the odd occasion I think I look okay but I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini at a pool party.


3-Half the time I like what I see in the mirror. I still have a quite a few areas I don't love but I'm getting there.


4-I feel pretty confident, I am generally happy with how I look but certain moments I have my doubts.


5- I am Beyonce, hold my tiara while I dance around naked and have sex with the lights on.

Question 10 of 11

Do you feel like your life lacks balance? Like you're on a roller coaster of ups and downs and want to find calm, consistency and mindfulness?


Omg yes!! I am all over the place and am ready to find balance in my life!


Not really, I find things are pretty balanced for me.

Question 11 of 11

Are you feeling ready to make an investment in yourself that will radically change your life in just 90 days!


Yes girl, let's do this! Investing can be scary but I know I have to take the leap and get uncomfortable to grow and have a transformation!


Nah, not so much. It would be nice to have food and body freedom, but it's not a NEED to have for me.

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