How To Become Financially Empowered - 091 - Liz Enriquez

Today on the podcast I have Liz Enrique from ambitious adulting. Liz is a personal finance mentor that helps overwhelmed millennials learn about money so they can confidently take control of their finances.
Today Liz and I discuss:
  • What it means to be an ambitious adult
  • Step-by-step how to start investing
  • How to invest if you have debt
  • Understanding budgeting
  • What is socially responsible investing 
  • Plus so much more!
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Victoria Evans Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach

Sept. 17, 2021 - Food For Thought - Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Victoria Evans Official


 Your Food Freedom Tip  

 Each time you reach for food it is an opportunity to deepen the connection with yourself. 

Are you reaching for food because you're:

  • Hungry?
  • Sad?
  • Tired?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Enjoying the moment?
  • Angry?
  • Mindlessly eating?
  • Bored?
  • Restricting?
  • Craving the taste?
  • Avoiding or procrastinating something?
  • Anxious or depressed?


Your relationship with food is a reflection of how well you understand yourself. 

Get curious, get compassion and if you struggle with this and want to learn how, click here for some help.

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Helpful Article

I posted an article on my website that I think you will really enjoy!

5 Tips for Changing How we View our Pandemic Weight Gain

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I am writing this to you...

September 9, 2021 - EP 90: Body Image Bootcamp with Summer Innanen

Today on the podcast I have Summer Innamen who is a body image coach that helps women stop hating their bodies.
Summer is a professionally trained coach specializing in body image, self-worth, and confidence. She helps people all over the world to stop living behind the numbers on their scales!  She is the best-selling author of Body Image Remix and the host of Eat The Rules, a podcast dedicated to anti-dieting, body image, intersectional feminism, and empowering people to live life on their own terms.
Today Summer and I discuss:
  • How to let go of the desire to lose weight in a culture that demands it
  • Why we don't need to love our body
  • The cost of only focusing on our image
  • Action steps to stop hating our body
Plus so much more!
For more on Summer:
Victoria Evans Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach

Food For Thought Newsletter September 3, 2021

Your Body Freedom Tip  

Recognize that body dissatisfaction is greatest in times of high stress.

What you think is a body problem is actually a life problem.

When you find yourself unhappy with how you look, ask yourself if it might be about something else.

Are you blaming your body for something that is not really about your body?

Notice that in life when things feel out of our control we try to control things that we feel we can control. This often looks like trying to control how we eat and how we look.

Simply be aware of this and note that we will never be free by implementing control.

Get curious and compassionate. Your body was never and is never the problem.

For more support around this, hit reply to this email and I can give you some more tips.

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Helpful Podcast

I was interviewed on an awesome podcast last week...

August 26, 2021 - EP 89 - Become Empowered Through Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle - Laura Wilkes

Today on the podcast I have Laura Wilkes is a Menstrual Cycle Educator, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Female Empowerment Coach. 
Her work is based on the philosophy that understanding one's Menstrual Cycle is the foundation to living as an empowered woman. She breaks the taboo of talking about periods, starts conversations normally spoken "hush-hush" and loves to squash menstrual myths so that women can use their cycles to thrive and can live more compassionately, with more acceptance and more love for themselves.
Today Laura I discuss:
  • Connecting to and understanding our cycle
  • How to best support ourselves through our cycle
  • What to do if we have PMS and cramps
  • How to feel empowered with our period
  • Plus so much more!
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For more on Laura
  • Visit Laura’s website, and download her FREE cycle guide and tracker.
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Aug 12, 2021 - Food For Thought - Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Victoria Evans


Your Food Freedom Tip  


 When we don't get enough sleep our body tries to substitute for the lack of energy by eating more calories! Our body is pretty smart like that.

 Lack of sleep also messes up our hunger and fullness hormones making it hard to eat intuitively. 

Additionally, when we are overtired we are less able to manage our emotions which can lead to emotional eating.  

So on the days, you haven't gotten enough sleep, if you find yourself reaching for more high calories foods aka high-energy foods, feeling less in touch with your body, and feeling more down and emotional, this is totally normal! 

Bring in lots of self-compassion and then do your best to get more rest! 

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BMI also known as…👇🏻
Bullshit. Measure.Index😒
It’s a flawed and useless measure that we need to stop using.

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Aug 5, 2021 -How To Break Bad Habits 101 - 088

Today I teach you all about breaking bad habits!
Many of us struggle with self-sabotage and feel like we always end up repeating detrimental habits that prevent us from becoming intuitive eaters and trusting ourselves around food. If that sounds like you, be sure to listen in!
The audio from this special episode is taken from Phase 4 of my Craving Food Freedom Online Course.
This episode is packed with information about creating and breaking habits and gives you a great idea of what to expect when you sign up for the Craving Food Freedom Online Course.
Victoria Evans Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach
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July. 30, 2021 - Food For Thought - Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Victoria Evans

Your Food Freedom Tip 

Regulate your nervous system to lower stress and be more mindful!

Take a second right now and just breathe. 

Inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8.

Do that 4 more times.

Feel better?

You’ve just triggered your vagus nerve and gotten yourself into a parasympathetic state (rest, digest and heal). 

 Take breathing breaks like this regulates your nervous system and allows you to connect to your body (and eat intuitively). 


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Click the link to check out this reel!

Can we all please just normalize normal bodies ❤️

Our weight is the least interesting thing about us.

It’s literally our gravitational pull on the earth 🌍

Helpful Podcast

I was interviewed on the Kelly Mental Health Podcast last week, here is that interview!

Losing the Shame, Gaining Your Life Back: Intuitive Eating with Victoria Evans


July 22, 2021 - EP 87: 3 Steps to Practicing Radical Self-Love


Today on this solo episode I teach you all about self-love and how to go about achieving it.

 We also discuss self-acceptance, self-talk, and the opportunity cost of not practicing self-love! 

Victoria Evans Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach

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Food For Thought Newsletter July 16, 2021

Your Food Freedom Tip  

Get out of your food rut!

 So often we end up eating the same meals and same snacks and we get bored!



Then we find ourselves desperate for some excitement, some kind of change of pace, and we end up going all out ordering a whole bunch of takeout, getting a bunch of snacks we normally wouldn't allow ourselves to buy, etc. 

And then, we freak out that we 'went overboard' and retreat back to our food rut.

This is your permission slip to switch it up and try something different!!!

Try that new meal and buy the new snacks.


In fact, a new challenge for you! 

Next time you're at the grocery store I challenge you to buy 2 new foods

Have fun with food, let it be exciting on empowering terms. 

Be sure to let me know if you completed this challenge by messaging me on Instagram @victoriaevansofficial or by hitting reply to this email. 



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With so much incredible feedback about my amazing my 6-week Craving Food Freedom Online Course, I wanted to celebrate with a gift.

A free "taste test" of what the course is like!!

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