October 15, 2020 - EP 70: Healing Through Self-Love and Shadow Work with Sabi Kerr


When I began my recovery journey, words like "self-love" and  "Shadow Work" were constantly being tossed around. 

At the time, I thought they sounded ridiculous, like some kind of spiritual nonsense that I could never get into. Fast forward a few years and it turns out these words were instrumental in my healing and now I want to share how to practice them with you!

Today on the podcast I have Sabi Kerr who is a self-love coach and yoga teacher. She guides women to fall deeper in love with themselves and release the blocks they have to feeling worthy, so that they can create magical lives full of passion and purpose.

Her mission is to guide as many people as possible back to their natural essence: a place of deep self-love, self-acceptance and joy.

Today on the podcast Sabi and I discuss:

-How to practice Shadow Work
-Discovering radical self-love
-Finding your passion & purpose
-Overcoming your limiting beliefs
-Emotional processing tools

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October 1, 2020 - EP 69: From Bikini Competitor to Intuitive Eating Dietitian with Lauren Cadillac


When Lauren was 14 she became obsessed with calories and working out multiple times per day. She later became a nutrition major in college before receiving her RD and entering into the bodybuilding industry.

Becoming a bikini competitor acted as a catalyst in developing an eating disorder. During her recovery she found intuitive eating and claims it saved her life.  Lauren is known on her popular Instagram account as @FeelGoodDietititan where she lives and teaches intuitive eating every day.

Today on the podcast Lauren and I discuss:

  • why diets don't work
  • feeling out of control around food
  • navigating intuitive eating
  • dealing with weight changes
  • Plus much more!

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September 10, 2020 - EP 68: How I Rewired My Brain For Body Confidence


I was never a confident person. I actually used to pass out if I had to public speak because I was so self-conscious of people looking at me.

This led to having a note from my doctor excusing me from giving presentations in front of my classes at school...

And now?

Well, I moved 15,000km away from my home in Canada and currently live in Bali, Indonesia where I frequently give public speaking engagements and lead a life of body confidence.

How did I do it? Tune into this solo episode to find out!

Today on the podcast I discuss:

  • how to rewire our brain
  • understanding change on a subconscious level
  • why we develop certain habits
  • a tool for body confidence

PLUS a special offer exclusive for podcast listeners! 

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August 13, 2020 - EP 67: How We Became Intuitive Eaters with Rachel Molenda


When Rachel was a preteen she went to the doctor after having lost her period and was shocked to hear she had an eating disorder. She has since then gone on a journey of ups and downs healing her relationship with food and her body to now being a successful intuitive eating and body image coach. 

Today on the podcast Rachel and I discuss how we became intuitive eaters in a value-packed conversation on:

-How we healed our relationship with food and our body
-Everything intuitive eating and movement
-Developing healthy coping mechanisms
-Breaking down emotional eating
-Importance of HAES

Plus much more!

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July 30, 2020 - EP 66: How To Shine From Within with Tuisku Miilia


If we are living for others and feeding ourselves with external validation, then we will go hungry for the rest of our lives.

True happiness, fulfillment, and worth can only be created from within. 

Today on the podcast I have Tui Van Renterghem,  a vibrant soul who has mastered how to shine from within.

She is a crossfitter and coach who helps women feel amazing though a psychological and plant-based approach.

Tui and I have an epic conversation on:

  • How to shine from within
  • Stories keeping you stuck
  • How to practice mindfulness
  • Overcoming Perfectionism

Plus much more!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shinewithtui/

Victoria Evans Intuitive Eating Coach

July 16, 2020 - EP 65: Becoming A Diet Culture Rebel with Bonnie Roney

Diet culture is a toxic belief system that focuses on and values weight, shape, and size over well-being.
I existed in the diet culture realm for most of my life,  meaning that I put thinness above everything else, especially my health and well-being which only led to misery! 
Today on the podcast I have Boonie Roney, a registered dietitian and known as @diet.culture.rebel on Instagram. Bonnie has dedicated her life to helping other women break free from the constraints of diet culture so that they too can live a life of food freedom!
Bonnie and I discuss:
  • how to stop food labeling
  • changing your relationship to your body
  • overcoming emotional and binge eating
  • rejecting diet culture
Plus much more!
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July 2, 2020 - EP 64: How To Stop The Binge-Restrict Cycle with Emma Gerrard

It can feel overwhelming to be stuck in a binging cycle.
You feel totally powerless and out of control... almost as though you're a victim of your own self. 
Having lived through it first hand, I know how much it sucks and also the importance of raising awareness and removing the shame around it.
That is why today I have Emma Gerard on the podcast who specializes in working with women who struggle with binge eating, dieting, and other forms of disordered eating.
Emma and I discuss 
  • Why we binge
  • Steps to stop binging
  • How to identify triggers
  • Key to self-care
  • Weight stigma and fatphobia
Plus much more!
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June 18, 2020 - EP 63: Stepping Into Your Pleasure with Sara Silverstein



The sex talk you didn't know you needed to hear.

Maybe you had "the talk" growing up.., or maybe you didn't...

But I'm pretty sure that you were never taught about the power of stepping into your pleasure (or how to do it).

To help educate, entertain, and explain, I have Sara Silverstein, a breathwork teacher and sex fanatic on the podcast today.

Sara and I have a value-packed, goofy, and thoroughly amusing talk on:

  • pleasure deprivation
  • lack of boundaries
  • people-pleasing
  • receiving pleasure
  • need for control
  • everything orgasms

Plus much more!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarasilverstein/

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May 21, 2020 - EP 62: Why You're Burnt Out & What to Do About It with Simona Mickuviene

Just trying to make it through the week was a common theme for me.
I would push myself hard all day long at work, push myself hard at the gym, push myself to eat perfectly, push myself to always look good, and push myself to constantly please others, even if it meant putting myself last.
I didn't realize that this go go go energy was me being in my masculine. I also didn't realize that it was for this reason that I was burning out and chronically needing a vacation from my own life.
I am extremely excited to have Simona Mickuviene on the podcast today to help us learn how to slow down and find balance and meaning in our busy lives.
Simona who recovered from an eating disorder herself is now a bodywork expert that helps women master the power of their mind and energy so that they can thrive emotionally and physically. 
Simona and I have a transformational discussion on:
  • what it means to be an alpha female
  • how to...

May 14, 2020 - EP 61: Recovery Means Empowerment with Sasha Fardell

I never fully realized the sacrifice I was making by making my body and dieting my #1 priority.
I didn't see the opportunities slip by and the moments of happiness I was robbed of.
I was blind to my own power by being kept small and hungry. I came across a social media account a few years ago that helped me to see what my life could be like. Who I could become if I stepped into recovery and my potential.
On the podcast today I have the woman who helped change my life all those years ago. Coach Sasha Fardell recovered from exercise addiction and anorexia and is here today to share with us how she did it. 
Sasha and I have a vulnerable discussion on:
  • why recovery is the easy option
  • overcoming exercise addiction
  • defining yourself as more than a body
  • letting go of societal expectations
Plus much more!
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