Dec 26, 2019- EP 50: Our Journey To Food Freedom with Rini Frey

One of the key things that helped me in my journey was seeing that it was possible to be happier in my life in a larger body and that I could truly find freedom on the other side of recovery. 
Social media which had been my enemy for a long time, having fallen into the compare and despair game, quickly became my savior as I sought out other accounts of women speaking about diet culture, educating on intuitive eating and looking so damn happy while simply living their life without restriction. 
One of those accounts that changed my life was that of Rini Frey!
Rini battled her eating disorder for over 12 years and made it her mission to share her experiences around intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, and body image by creating the wildly popular online platform Own it Babe. 
Today we have a conversation on food freedom as Rini and I discuss:
  • factors that led to developing an eating disorder
  • importance of community in recovery
  • ...

Dec 19, 2019- EP 49: Stress Free and Laser Focused using CBD Oil with Nadya Pecherskaya

Some days it can seem like anxiety and stress is our default setting. From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, our minds are racing from one thing to the next.
There are numerous things we can do to help lower our anxiety and stress levels, one of the most effective is CBD Oil.
CBD oil is changing the lives of those who try it, yet there is still a lot of misinformation about what it is and what it can do.
Today on the podcast I have Nadya Pecherskaya,  a wellness entrepreneur and a holistic nutritionist from ICARIA who will be giving us all the details on CBD so that you can know if it may be a good option for you.
On this episode we discuss:
  • what is CBD
  • how CBD can assist in reducing stress and anxiety
  • the stigma around CBD, breaking down myth from fact
  • why CBD can help us to eat intuitively
plus much more
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Dec 12, 2019- EP 48: Harnessing Your Sensuality For Self-Love with Lauren Renee

Self-pleasure can have a very negative connotation with it, especially as women. We tend to be disconnected from our bodies after years of being told to suppress how we feel which leads to being unable to harness our power as women.
I am extremely excited to dive deeper into this fascinating topic with my guest today Lauren Renee.
Lauren is a sexuality and empowerment coach, feminine leader and the COO of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy - an advanced immersion into business and coaching for sex and relating.
On this episode we discuss:
  • How the taboo around sexuality is impacting us
  • What is self-pleasure
  • How to create a self-pleasure practice
  • What is the new paradigm
Plus much more!
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Dec 5, 2019- EP 47: A Candid Conversation On Body Size Privilege with Taryn Raine



We often want what we don't have because we think we'll be happier once we get it, but is that true? 

My entire life I chased my "dream body" which for me meant a smaller body thus requiring weight loss.  Since this always alluded me I was truthfully resentful towards other petite women and as a result, I wouldn't be their friend. Over the years I have rewritten this once all-consuming narrative and today want to share with you how I circumnavigated it as well as what the same issue can feel like when you're on the other end of the body size spectrum.

In this episode,  I have an open and honest conversation with my small and petite friend Taryn Raine on what life is ACTUALLY like being in a smaller body.

We discuss:

  • when struggles aren't being recognized due to body size
  • the impact of size on emotional intelligence and maturity
  • being seen as feminine and desirable
  • how judgment and body shaming is holding us back
Plus much more!

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Nov 28, 2019- EP 46: 10 Intuitive Eating Holiday Tips


The holidays are here and with it comes all the stress, food, parties and people!

It can be difficult to keep up intuitive eating habits amongst all the hustle and bustle which is why I have put together a nice little episode with my top 10 tips on how to eat intuitively this holiday season. 

Short and sweet today, be sure to listen to this episode to get yourself equipped for an awesome December!

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Nov 21, 2019- EP 45: Avoid These Food Mistakes As A Rising Entrepreneur- Vanessa Lau


Almost a year to the date of this recording, Vanessa Lau and I had met each other when we were a dark place and needed each other most. 

Little did we know that our working together would become a catalyst for monumental change in both our lives and our businesses as entrepreneurs. 

We have learned a lot this past year and are excited to share our top mistakes and lessons with you!

On this episode of Vanessa discusses:

  • What she’s learned transitioning from corporate to an entrepreneur
  • How to redefine what success "should look like" in order to live intuitively
  • What it means to overcome judgment and develop unshakable confidence
  • Why we struggle to invest in ourselves and our business
  • Plus much more!

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Nov 14, 2019- EP 44: 3 Tips For When To Listen To Fear Using Intuition


A new opportunity presents itself... you feel that pang in your stomach.

Fear. But what is this fear telling you?

Is this your intuition telling you not to do this because it doesn't serve you?

Or is this your intuition telling you the fear is because it is a possibility to be challenged and to grow.

So how do you tell which it is?

Well on this short solo episode I share with you my 3 tips:

  1. what it means for intuition to be expansive versus contractive
  2. how to break down fear to better understand it
  3. when to follow your gut instinct with fear 

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Nov 7, 2019- EP 43: Beating The Bloat - Laura Martin

You pull on your jeans and attempt to button them up...
NOOOOO!!! Today is not the day to be bloated, you want to feel fierce but your uncomfortable belly is making it seemingly impossible!
Bloating is a real issue that plagues many of us, which is why I am excited to have Laura Martin who is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and founder of Healing to Happy – an online holistic gut healing nutrition + lifestyle program, here with me on the podcast today!

Laura is also a mental health advocate and discusses the unexpected relationship between depression and gut health.
On this episode of Laura explains:
  • What is gut health and the microbiome
  • Why should we care about gut health
  • What is bloating and tips to overcome it
  • The link between depression and gut health
  • Plus much more!
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Oct 31, 2019- EP 42: How To Manifest Your Dream Life with Kim Khunaraksa

The new buzz word these days seems to be "manifestation" and how using it is essential to achieving the life of our dreams!
If you're like me, you're intrigued by the world of manifestation but have a lot of questions about what it is, how it works and how I can apply it to my life!
Well, today on the podcast I am excited to have Kim Khunaraksa who is a Manifestation Coach and the founder of Mind Your Vibe where she teaches how to use the power of vibration to manifest all your desires. She also is the host of the Mind Your Vibe Podcast where she gives weekly inspiration, insight, and tools for manifesting a life of joy, freedom, and abundance.
On this episode of Kim explains:
  • What is the law of attraction
  • The importance of intentional manifestation
  • What it means to be a vibrational match
  • How to raise our vibration to create our dream life
  • Plus much more!
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Oct 24, 2019- EP 41: Are You A Victim Of 1% Battery Thinking?


Do you know that feeling you get when you're phone is at 1% battery?

You start to panic, feel frantic, irritable and anxious... 

The thoughts start to come in "how will I get home without maps on my phone?" "I won't be able to listen to any music" " I can't message them back" "I don't even know what time it is" "who has a charger?" 

Can you relate to feeling this way before?

Well on this short solo episode I share with you:

  1. what it means to have "1% battery thinking"
  2. how the "1% battery thinking" goes hand in hand with eating habits and constantly thinking about food!
  3. a simple tool to shift out of the"1% battery thinking" and into 100% fully charged thinking (aka thought freedom)!
If you're tired of feeling like you're living your life on 1% battery thinking then be sure to listen to this episode!!

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