March 26, 2020 - EP 58: 3 Tips for Food Scarcity + Fear - COVID-19

There is a lot of scarcity, fear, and anxiety happening in the world right now but you don't need to let that become your reality. This week I jumped on IGTV to share 3 tips on how you can overcome this food scarcity mentality, fear, and anxiety that a lot of us have been experiencing during this COVID-19 outbreak.
This podcast episode, taken from my IGTV episode is short and to the point! In this episode I'll cover:
  • How to lower your stress levels
  • 3 tips for overcoming a scarcity mentality
  • The benefits of breathing
and much more!
I hope these tips serve you during these times of uncertainty and isolation.
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Please note that the audio from this episode has been taken from an IGTV video I posted this past week: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Dn2PNHDXs/
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March 12, 2020 - EP 57: Heal Your Relationship with Food Through Spiritual Surrender

Spirituality isn't often talked about in conjunction with eating disorders but today's guest does an incredible job of bringing the two together and helping people heal their relationships with food through spiritual surrender.

I have to admit I was never been much of a spiritual person, growing up in a family who loved medicine and science it was all considered a load of hoohoo; but recently I've been exploring my spirituality more and I was SO excited to sit down and explore the connection between food and the spirit more with the fabulous Grigoria Krtsotolis!

Grigoria is a marketing consultant turned spiritual entrepreneur, business and mindset coach. She is dedicated to lifting the vibration of the earth by helping people uncover their true selves and reach their potential. 

Today she joins me to talk about her own journey with food, how she too struggled with an eating disorder but by truly listening AND speaking to her own body she came out victorious.

In this...

Feb 20, 2020- EP 55: An Honest Conversation On Bulimia Recovery with Amina Sutter

It starts out as a dirty little secret... but then it becomes so much more.
Bulimia takes over your life with ruthless and intense power, it has the capability to destroy and devastate everything in its wake if left unchecked.
I personally struggled with bulimia since age 12, which means that for over 10 years I had this debilitating disease before I sought the help that changed my life forever. 
Despite so many people suffering from bulimia, we rarely talk about it which only furthers the shame and fuels the disease.
Today on the podcast I talk with Amina Sutter, a Bulimia Recovery Coach from Switzerland who like myself suffered from bulimia for 10 years.
We speak candidly about our journey with bulimia which translates into incredible value, relatability, and inspiration!
In this episode Amina and I discuss:
  • first steps in bulimia recovery
  • recovery versus healing
  • overcoming our programming
  • different types of...

Feb 13, 2020- EP 54: Overcoming Your Anxiety and Starting Meditation with Kieran Hedley


Having anxiety is so commonly talked about today that one might start to think that it is the new normal.  But anxiety is not something you should have to live with and suffer through, it is, in fact, something that can be overcome.

Today on the podcast I talk with Kieran Hedley, an Anxiety Coach and Meditation Guide from New Zealand. Having battled through his own darkness and anxiety he now takes a scientific and spiritual based approach to guide and coach others to overcome their own anxiety.

In this episode Kieran and I discuss:

  • how to start meditating
  • relationship between fear and anxiety
  • steps to enter a conscious state
  • the distinction between mental health and mental illness

Plus much more!

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Feb 6, 2020- EP 53: Healing Our Disordered Eating with Frannie Conforti


For the majority of my life, my only goal was to be skinny and pretty. Society had told me that if I achieved those two things that I would be happy.

But this was a lie, and I've had to go on a journey to discover what true happiness is and distinguish it from what society will try to convince you it is.

Frannie Conforti has gone on a similar journey to healing her relationship with food and is now a disordered eating coach.

Today Frannie and I have a conversation on all things disordered eating recovery, we discuss:

  • the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating
  • role of accepting your body to move past disordered eating
  • tools to implement today to help us to accept and love our body
  • the ways our life has shifted for the better following recovery
  • what the first step is to start the recovery process

Plus much more!

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Jan 30, 2020- EP 52: Our 10 Tips For Battling Mental Health with Simon Pelland


Today January 30th, when this podcast is releasing, is my birthday. My birthday is bittersweet as it reminds me of the first time I tried to take my own life on my 16th birthday.

I have been very open about my struggles with mental health and think it is extremely important to make it a conversation so that we don't suffer alone.

Together we find strength and overcome our demons.

Today on the podcast I have my past coach and good friend Simon Pelland.

Simon is an advocate for mental health awareness and brings a brilliant mindset around how to find happiness and fulfillment in one's life.

Today Simon and I have a conversation on all things mental health, we discuss:

  • our own experiences with depression and anxiety
  • top 10 tips for how to battle mental health
  • what you can do today to start feeling better
  • how to find the strength to be open and vulnerable to share 

Plus much more!

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Jan 23, 2020- EP 51: Choosing Life, Choosing Recovery with Cati Angela


 It isn't easy beating an eating disorder, it can become so ingrained in your life that you don't even know who you are without it.

This is why it is so important to not only have support but also be surrounded by role models who have gone before you and can help show you the way.

Cati Angela is one of those role models who on her popular Instagram account is known as @edrecoverygurl. Cati has become an inspiration for all those going through the recovery process, she is someone to look up to and take after.

Today Cati and I have a conversation on recovery, we discuss:

  • what we would have told our younger self in the early stages of developing an eating disorder
  • the catalyst to know we were ready to get help
  • in what ways our life has shifted for the better following recovery
  • what the first step is for those want to recover 

Plus much more!

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Dec 26, 2019- EP 50: Our Journey To Food Freedom with Rini Frey

One of the key things that helped me in my journey was seeing that it was possible to be happier in my life in a larger body and that I could truly find freedom on the other side of recovery. 
Social media which had been my enemy for a long time, having fallen into the compare and despair game, quickly became my savior as I sought out other accounts of women speaking about diet culture, educating on intuitive eating and looking so damn happy while simply living their life without restriction. 
One of those accounts that changed my life was that of Rini Frey!
Rini battled her eating disorder for over 12 years and made it her mission to share her experiences around intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, and body image by creating the wildly popular online platform Own it Babe. 
Today we have a conversation on food freedom as Rini and I discuss:
  • factors that led to developing an eating disorder
  • importance of community in recovery
  • ...

Dec 19, 2019- EP 49: Stress Free and Laser Focused using CBD Oil with Nadya Pecherskaya

Some days it can seem like anxiety and stress is our default setting. From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, our minds are racing from one thing to the next.
There are numerous things we can do to help lower our anxiety and stress levels, one of the most effective is CBD Oil.
CBD oil is changing the lives of those who try it, yet there is still a lot of misinformation about what it is and what it can do.
Today on the podcast I have Nadya Pecherskaya,  a wellness entrepreneur and a holistic nutritionist from ICARIA who will be giving us all the details on CBD so that you can know if it may be a good option for you.
On this episode we discuss:
  • what is CBD
  • how CBD can assist in reducing stress and anxiety
  • the stigma around CBD, breaking down myth from fact
  • why CBD can help us to eat intuitively
plus much more
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Nadya from...

Dec 12, 2019- EP 48: Harnessing Your Sensuality For Self-Love with Lauren Renee

Self-pleasure can have a very negative connotation with it, especially as women. We tend to be disconnected from our bodies after years of being told to suppress how we feel which leads to being unable to harness our power as women.
I am extremely excited to dive deeper into this fascinating topic with my guest today Lauren Renee.
Lauren is a sexuality and empowerment coach, feminine leader and the COO of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy - an advanced immersion into business and coaching for sex and relating.
On this episode we discuss:
  • How the taboo around sexuality is impacting us
  • What is self-pleasure
  • How to create a self-pleasure practice
  • What is the new paradigm
Plus much more!
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Instagram: @laurenreneeintimacy https://www.instagram.com/laurenreneeintimacy/

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