May 13 2021 - EP 82: The Intersection of Religious Purity Culture And Diet Culture with Holly Toronto

Holly Toronto is a certified Master Level Coach through Health Coach Institute and has 4 years of experience helping highly driven women stop dieting and build resilience to toxic beauty messages. She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that guides her clients towards self trust, confidence and Sovereignty over their entire being; body, mind and soul.
Today on the Weighing In On Happy Podcast Holly and I discuss:
  • How body shame keeps us from experiencing the fullness of our humanity AND our spirituality
  • What it means to create a new and more authentic identity
  • Why body image healing is NOT about believing that you’re “more than a body”
  • How religious purity culture intersects with diet culture
  • Plus much more!
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Food For Thought Newsletter May 7, 2021


Food /Body Freedom Tip

Emotions are data points.

Emotions tell us what our values are. What we care about. What are the unhealed parts of ourselves. BUT only if we name them and feel them to heal them. 

We live in a society built off “positive vibes only”, never letting ourselves be sad or really feel anything. 

We numb, we avoid, we eat and then feel disgusted with ourselves. And we repeat the cycle.  

If we want to feel empowered in our life we have to give permission to ourselves to feel ALL of our emotions, not just the positive ones. 

 Need help becoming emotionally empowered so you can stop emotional eating?

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement in the next few weeks where my new offer will teach you exactly how!


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April 29, 2021 - EP 81: Gaining Weight, Gaining Strength, Gaining Life with Cati Angela

Cati Angela is an eating disorder recovery advocate, model & influencer who loves to create motivating content to inspire individuals to choose recovery!
Today Cati and I discuss:
  • Exercise post eating disorder recovery
  • Accepting a stronger and more muscular body
  • Exercise and identity 
  • Self-care for healing
  • Plus much more!
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Food For Thought Newsletter April 23, 2021

Food /Body Freedom Tip


Are you working from home?

You might have a case of “snackrastonation".

This is what I have called it when we get bored of our work, are avoiding certain tasks, and simply don’t want to do what we’re meant to be doing and we choose to mindlessly snack instead, aka snack procrastination.

Some tips to help. 

1. When you go to eat check in with yourself about where the motivation is coming from. Is this hunger, or hunger to avoid? 

2. Write down everytime you find yourself engaging in snackrastonation, is there a particular work task that you’re always avoiding?

Maybe this is something you can take up with your boss or sit down and dig into why it’s causing you so much turmoil.

3. Give yourself lots of breaks! I personally do a pomodoro technique of work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break. This keeps me sharp and...

April 15, 2021 - EP 80: Sexual Wellness, Self-Seduction and Pleasure Mindset with Sex Educator Jenny Keane

Jenny Keane is a holistic Sex Educator and Tantra yoga teacher. On a mission to ignite a sexual revolution in Ireland, Jenny is a crusader for self love through self exploration and pleasure
Jenny and I discuss:
  • Embodied Empowerment
  • Sensuality vs. Sexuality
  • Self-Seduction
  • Body Confidence With A Partner
  • Rewriting Sexual Scripts
  • Plus much more!
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Food For Thought Newsletter April 8, 2021

Food /Body Freedom Tip

Curate your virtual environment!

We are a product of our environment, so ask yourself, how much does your virtual environment impact how you feel about yourself?

We might think that seeing people on social media with the ‘perfect body’ is inspiring us... But studies have shown that this actually drives feelings of shame and disconnection which leads to self-soothing through often detrimental coping mechanisms.  

Be intentional with your social media feed. Use the Marie Kondo method and unfollow anyone who does not truly bring you joy! 


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April 1, 2021 - EP 79: Curve Fashion, Confidence &  Empowerment with Meredith Shaw

The name Meredith Shaw is synonymous with curve fashion, body positivity, and female empowerment. A firm fixture in Canada’s modelling scene, Meredith is fiercely passionate about inspiring and motivating women of all sizes to embrace their power and feel sexy, confident, and fabulous in their own skin. 
As a model; radio and television host; style expert; and advocate for body positivity, Meredith is breaking down the status quo and leading a powerful conversation that’s changing the game for women.
Meredith and I discuss:
  • Curve fashion
  • Tools for confidence
  • Brand inclusivity
  • Diet culture
  • Plus much more!
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Food For Thought Newsletter March 26, 2021

Hello hello,

You might remember I was doing the Daily Food For Thought email/blog which was a lot of work and didn’t allow me to dedicate the time and energy I needed to myself and my clients.

BUT I really love sharing helpful things with you so let’s try biweekly instead of daily :)

Expect to receive this cool newsletter from me every other week and my new podcast episode announcement email on the weeks you don’t receive the newsletter. 

I’m personally really excited about it!

Keep scrolling for my Friday Food For Thought first newsletter, woohoo!

Food /Body Freedom Tip

Abundance Thinking. 

Don’t think about pink elephants!

You’re thinking about them aren’t you? 

Ironic process theory, refers to the psychological process whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts make them more likely to surface.Which means by telling yourself things like “don’t eat the cookies” you’re more likely to eat...

Mar 18, 2021- EP 78: 5 Tips To Overcome Bored Eating During The Pandemic


Today on the podcast I am giving you my 5 best coaching tools and personal tips for anyone having a hard time right now being stuck at home and surrounded by food. 

I share with you exactly how to feel empowered with your eating no matter if you are frustrated with bored eating, mindless snacking or stress eating. Be sure to bring a pen and paper to take down some notes because this episode is for action takers only! 

Victoria Evans Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach

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March 4, 2021 - EP 77: Breaking The Binge-Diet Cycle With Bríd McNulty

Today on the podcast I have Bríd McNulty who is a certified food & body coach specialising in helping women break free from binge-eating.
She's turning her pain into purpose after her own decade-long struggle with the diet-binge cycle. Those ten tumultuous years helped Bríd identify what was working for her body & what wasn't.
She learned the importance of mindset shifts, body image, and dealing with deeper emotional issues to reach food (and life!) freedom.
Bríd and I discuss:
  • What binge eating is
  • Our struggles with binge eating
  • Overcoming food shame
  • How to change our body image
  • Tools to stop binge eating
  • Plus much more
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