March 21, 2019- EP: 10 The Deep Dive: My Story


I have to be honest with you, the very first podcast I had planned to release was on my story, I got deep, vulnerable and personal about my struggles with my eating disorder, mental health and confidence... but I was afraid. Afraid of what others would think of me if I let myself be so exposed and open and I ultimately chose to delete the episode.

Now having moved across the world by myself and being surrounded by other strong female entrepreneurs here in Bali, I feel ready to finally share who I am with you.

In this episode I tell you my story, I tell you how I was an athlete when my eating disorder began, how I got myself through recovery and ultimately why I began coaching. 

At the end of the day we all have a story and we should be proud to share it.

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March 14, 2019- EP 9: 5 Tips To Overcome Your Fears


I had always wanted to have my own business and travel the world. But my fear told me "NO", that this was "not an option". I took this answer as fact, just how it was..I didn't realize I had the power to challenge it..  I had let fear run my life for far too long before I decided to take a stand and demand a change.

In this episode I will share with you my 5 tips for overcoming fear. Tips that were so successful for me that I am currently* on a plane to Bali, Indonesia.  I have a one-way ticket to the other side of the world where I will live out my dream of working remotely and traveling (*if listening to the podcast on original airdate March 14, 2019). This girl is not letting fear run her life ever again!

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March 7, 2019- EP 8: What's the "point" of acupuncture??


So there must be something to acupuncture if it has been around for thousands of years right?? 

As a skeptic I went and got an acupuncture treatment and was surprised by how much I loved it! I now go weekly for treatments and leave feeling energized and zen as f*ck. Verdict? No longer a skeptic!

In this episode I have a conversation with acupuncturist Cydney Smith as she explains the benefits of receiving acupuncture treatments . Cydney and I will discuss both the scientific and eastern medicine reasoning  behind why acupuncture can be beneficial for anyone.

Mentioned in Podcast:

"The Happy Fish Debate"

Book: The Web That Has No Weaver : Understanding Chinese Medicine by Ted J. Kaptchuk


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Feb 28, 2019- EP 7: Healing Our Relationship With Food


The longest relationship we will ever have in life is with ourselves. We have to decide whether it will be a good relationship or a bad one. Food is often at the core of this relationship and for many it is toxic.

With ramped diet culture and endless expectations placed on how we should look, we often end up with severely damaged relationships with food.

In this week's podcast I sit down for a conversation with psychologist Dr. Lauren Borden to discuss how we healed our broken relationship with food.


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Feb 21, 2019- EP 6: 5 Easy Confidence Hacks To Own ANY Room


To say I lacked confidence would be an understatement...

I would walk into a room and instantly start sweating, cheeks flushed, get a dry mouth and make zero eye contact. 

Truthfully, if I could have worn the Harry Potter invisibility cloak for the rest of my life as my permanent accessory I would have.

So what changed? How do I own it when I walk into any room now?

In this episode I will give you my 5 hacks to own the room and feel confident. No more invisibility cloak!


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Feb 14, 2019- EP 5: Do You Feel Like You're Living In The Rat Race?


From the moment our feet hit the ground in the morning we are often on the run. One task to the next, mind frantic and trying to fit it all in before we do it all again the next day...

 So when is there time to actually think? When is there time in your day when your brain isn't constantly being stimulated by external sources?

In this episode we will look at the importance of creating space so that your life can become more than just a rat race of to-do lists. It can become a life with meaning.


Feb 7, 2019-EP 4: Did You Start Eating & Can't Stop? Here's Why!


Is there certain foods that you start eating and can’t seem to stop? 

That you just seem to lose your mind around and want to keep eating more and more of?...Only to snap out of it a few minutes later and think to yourself “what is wrong with me?” “Why did I just do that?” 

If you can relate, then this episode is for you! We will discuss how your brain operates and can become triggered by certain foods that you eat.  

By knowing this, you can take back that control and choose to eat the foods that best serve you.  


Jan 29, 2019- EP 3: Moving Out Of The Victim Mindset


How often do we let our past determine our future?

How often do we get stuck on that one bad thing that happened to us that we can't seem to let go?

We become victims in our own lives without even realizing it.

In this episode we will discuss the victim mentality and how it has been holding you back from being happy and living your best life.

Mentioned in Podcast: Mastin Kipp- https://mastinkipp.com/


Jan 20, 2019- EP 2: Mindhack: How to End the Complaining & Take Action



I don’t want to do it.

I’m not in the mood.

I don’t feel like it.

I used to almost exclusively complain about all the things in my life. I was incapable of being grateful for what I had, I only focused on the negative. 

In this episode I will teach you the mind hack I use on a daily basis for how I trick myself out of complaining and into a place of gratitude, positive action and making real change.


Jan 18, 2019- EP 1: Regret Isn't Real: How to Instantly Change Your Outlook


We all have things we look back on and ultimately cringe at. 

For some of us maybe it's a tattoo, haircut or even what we decided to eat late last night. In this episode, we will dig into my theory behind regret and how you can instantly change your outlook to no longer let what you have regretted in the past impact your current level of happiness.


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This is for you if...

✅ You're tired of feeling like your body is the enemy and ready to work with your body instead of against it 

✅ You're ready to leverage your bodies cues and get back the time and energy you're lost on stress

✅You want to know the actual cause of your cravings and stress eating

What you'll walk away with:

🟨  3 ways to listen to your body and leverage your stress in order to optimize your health and function at the highest level

🟨   Learn the key to not only preventing stress but how to instantly alleviate it through breakthrough techniques 

🟨  Get a game-changing reframe for all things stress, so that you can view your stress response as an encoded message from your body instead of a hinderance

Plus so much more!