Dec 5, 2019- EP 47: A Candid Conversation On Body Size Privilege with Taryn Raine

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019


We often want what we don't have because we think we'll be happier once we get it, but is that true? 

My entire life I chased my "dream body" which for me meant a smaller body thus requiring weight loss.  Since this always alluded me I was truthfully resentful towards other petite women and as a result, I wouldn't be their friend. Over the years I have rewritten this once all-consuming narrative and today want to share with you how I circumnavigated it as well as what the same issue can feel like when you're on the other end of the body size spectrum.

In this episode,  I have an open and honest conversation with my small and petite friend Taryn Raine on what life is ACTUALLY like being in a smaller body.

We discuss:

  • when struggles aren't being recognized due to body size
  • the impact of size on emotional intelligence and maturity
  • being seen as feminine and desirable
  • how judgment and body shaming is holding us back
Plus much more!

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