Oct 29, 2020 - EP 71: Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse with Deirdre Fusco

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

 Did you know that 50% of individuals with eating disorders abused alcohol or illicit drugs at a rate of 5x higher than the general population?

This is exactly why I have invited Deirdre Fusco, Licensed Practical Nurse and expert on substance abuse onto the podcast today.

Deidre and I discuss:

  • Holistic approaches to recovery
  • Using H.A.L.T in healing
  • The Minnesota starvation experiment
  • How to avoid symptom swapping
  • Mental health impacts from dieting

Contact Deirdre

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deirdrefusco/ 

Email: [email protected]


  • If you or a loved one is considering treatment for addiction in the U.S.: https://www.pyramidwalden.com/  (Pyramid Walden locations in California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maryland) call 301-327-2555 for an admission specialist 
  • https://seedsofhope.pyramidhealthcarepa.com/    Pyramid's residential and outpatient treatment services for eating disorders (also utilize substance abuse tracks along with eating disorder treatment) (610) 557-8250
  • Lastly, the NEDA eating disorder crisis hotline is available for free chat support and to help you find treatment (800) 931-2237

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This is for you if...

✅ You're tired of feeling like your body is the enemy and ready to work with your body instead of against it 

✅ You're ready to leverage your bodies cues and get back the time and energy you're lost on stress

✅You want to know the actual cause of your cravings and stress eating

What you'll walk away with:

🟨  3 ways to listen to your body and leverage your stress in order to optimize your health and function at the highest level

🟨   Learn the key to not only preventing stress but how to instantly alleviate it through breakthrough techniques 

🟨  Get a game-changing reframe for all things stress, so that you can view your stress response as an encoded message from your body instead of a hinderance

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