Dec 26, 2019- EP 50: Our Journey To Food Freedom with Rini Frey

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2019
One of the key things that helped me in my journey was seeing that it was possible to be happier in my life in a larger body and that I could truly find freedom on the other side of recovery. 
Social media which had been my enemy for a long time, having fallen into the compare and despair game, quickly became my savior as I sought out other accounts of women speaking about diet culture, educating on intuitive eating and looking so damn happy while simply living their life without restriction. 
One of those accounts that changed my life was that of Rini Frey!
Rini battled her eating disorder for over 12 years and made it her mission to share her experiences around intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, and body image by creating the wildly popular online platform Own it Babe. 
Today we have a conversation on food freedom as Rini and I discuss:
  • factors that led to developing an eating disorder
  • importance of community in recovery
  • correlation between mental health and eating disorders 
  • what we've learned throughout the recovery process
  • what it means to be a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser
Plus much more!
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Victoria Evans Intuitive Eating Coach
Psst... I will be taking a short break from the podcast as I focus all my time and energy on the Craving Food Freedom Academy. Please check back for season 2 in a few week's time!
Thank you so much for all your support in my first 50 episodes! I hope you have an amazing holiday season and start to the New Year!
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Victoria Evans
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