May 21, 2020 - EP 62: Why You're Burnt Out & What to Do About It with Simona Mickuviene

Uncategorized May 21, 2020
Just trying to make it through the week was a common theme for me.
I would push myself hard all day long at work, push myself hard at the gym, push myself to eat perfectly, push myself to always look good, and push myself to constantly please others, even if it meant putting myself last.
I didn't realize that this go go go energy was me being in my masculine. I also didn't realize that it was for this reason that I was burning out and chronically needing a vacation from my own life.
I am extremely excited to have Simona Mickuviene on the podcast today to help us learn how to slow down and find balance and meaning in our busy lives.
Simona who recovered from an eating disorder herself is now a bodywork expert that helps women master the power of their mind and energy so that they can thrive emotionally and physically. 
Simona and I have a transformational discussion on:
  • what it means to be an alpha female
  • how to invest your energy to avoid burnout
  • finding feminine and masculine balance in relationships
  • putting intention into action
Plus much more!
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