Apr 18, 2019 - EP 14: The Reality of "Keeping Up Appearances"- Taryn Raine

podcast Apr 18, 2019

What happens when you check off all the boxes, you do everything you're supposed to do and yet you're still miserable and feeling like you're waiting for your life to begin?

I know so many people can identify with that familiar sinking feeling that once plagued my life and that of my guest today.

In this episode  I sit down with Yogi Taryn Raine and discuss how her life went from church girl to struggling with self-harm, anxiety and depression to now a successful entrepreneur who travels the world and teaches other women how to be empowered, calm and a badass in her remote yogi tribe.

Check Taryn out!

Website: theremoteyogi.blog/

Tribe: www.remoteyogitribe.com/tribe

FB: www.facebook.com/theremoteyogi/

Insta: www.instagram.com/theremoteyogi/


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