Feb 13, 2020- EP 54: Overcoming Your Anxiety and Starting Meditation with Kieran Hedley

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

Having anxiety is so commonly talked about today that one might start to think that it is the new normal.  But anxiety is not something you should have to live with and suffer through, it is, in fact, something that can be overcome.

Today on the podcast I talk with Kieran Hedley, an Anxiety Coach and Meditation Guide from New Zealand. Having battled through his own darkness and anxiety he now takes a scientific and spiritual based approach to guide and coach others to overcome their own anxiety.

In this episode Kieran and I discuss:

  • how to start meditating
  • relationship between fear and anxiety
  • steps to enter a conscious state
  • the distinction between mental health and mental illness

Plus much more!

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