Feb 20, 2020- EP 55: An Honest Conversation On Bulimia Recovery with Amina Sutter

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2020
It starts out as a dirty little secret... but then it becomes so much more.
Bulimia takes over your life with ruthless and intense power, it has the capability to destroy and devastate everything in its wake if left unchecked.
I personally struggled with bulimia since age 12, which means that for over 10 years I had this debilitating disease before I sought the help that changed my life forever. 
Despite so many people suffering from bulimia, we rarely talk about it which only furthers the shame and fuels the disease.
Today on the podcast I talk with Amina Sutter, a Bulimia Recovery Coach from Switzerland who like myself suffered from bulimia for 10 years.
We speak candidly about our journey with bulimia which translates into incredible value, relatability, and inspiration!
In this episode Amina and I discuss:
  • first steps in bulimia recovery
  • recovery versus healing
  • overcoming our programming
  • different types of binges
  • how we conquered bulimia 
Plus much more!
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