Food For Thought Newsletter May 21, 2021

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Food Freedom Tip

If you struggle with eating past full, practice taking a few deep breaths all the way into the low belly.

Inhale to the count of 4

Exhale for the count of 7

This will get you into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest, DIGEST, and heal) and help you to eat more slowly and mindfully.

When this happens, we are better able to tap into and feel our fullness cues #workwithyourbody. 

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Helpful Article 

Here is an article I wrote a few months ago to help those who might be struggling with having gained weight during covid. "5 Tips for Changing How we View our Pandemic Weight Gain."

CLICK HERE  to read it!

Most Delicious Drink EVER 

When I was in Bali I met a client I was working with in my coaching program for our session over lunch.

She ordered watermelon juice with fresh mint. OMG it was the most refreshing delicious thing EVER!!! Now I make it ALL THE TIME and it never ceases to amaze me how simple and amazing it is!


  • Watermelon
  • Ice
  • Fresh Mint


1. Cut up watermelon into big chunks and put into blender.

2. Add a cup of ice to the blender and blend.

3. Add in chopped mint and blend again until drink is smooth.

4. Pour into you cup and enjoy!


Client Win To Celebrate

This week I want to celebrate my past client Celina T and thank her for her support for my new program!

  • being free to eat the foods you love without experiencing feelings of guilt or shame or obsessively worrying about everything you eat
  • the simplicity to just eat when you're hungry and stop when full without all the food drama 
  • understanding your food cravings so that you can finally feel in control around food and stop the self-sabotage
  • keeping ANY foods you want in the house and trusting yourself fully around them
  • fully and confidently showing up in every area of your life, finally able to reach your potential and start living because nothing (not even food) is holding you back

This is why I created my 6 week step-by-step online  Craving Food Freecom Course teaching you my exact method to have food freedom for life, WOOHOOO!!!

Sign up below to join the waitlist be among the first to receive details, insane bonuses, and a $150 off coupon.


Awesome Song To Dance To


I would sing this at the top of my lungs in the car, so good!!! 

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Journal Prompt To Get You Thinking

The advice I'd give to my 15 year old self is.......


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Thank you so much for your ongoing support Jessica.

All my love.





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