June 13, 2019 - EP 22: Taking down diet culture -Naomi (@dietculturesucks)

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2019


“ We look at individual eating disorder sufferers and say “what’s wrong with you? Why do you think this way around food?” And we put in on them and ignore the structures that created this toxic environment that girls grow up in.” -Naomi (@dietculturesucks)

22 year old Naomi, also known online as “@dietculturesucks” is destroying the diet industry by speaking out about all things diet culture, eating disorders, intuitive movement, fat phobia and body love. She uses her wildly popular instagram account as a guide for what she needed to hear as her 15 year old self. 

In a raw, educational and vulnerable episode today we discuss what living with an eating disorder feels like and the complicated process of navigating through it in a culture that reinforces disordered eating behaviors. 

Also in this episode we dig into:


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