June, 16 2021 - Food For Thought - Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Victoria Evans

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Your Body Freedom Tip 

Notice when you are slouching and have your shoulders rounded forward that it sends a signal to your body that something is wrong.

 To our body, it appears that we are trying to protect our vital organs by hunching over. 

Studies show that when we have bad posture we think more negative thoughts about ourselves.  

 But when we have our shoulders pulled down and back, chest high, and are technically exposing our vital organs like our heart, we feel more confident and think more positive thoughts because of the increase in testosterone. 

So if you're feeling down, thinking negative thoughts, and turning to food to help self-soothe, try standing up and going for a short walk with good posture and feel the difference!



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Helpful Article 

Here is an article I wrote this week that got published in Elephant Journal Magazine.

3 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Stop Dieting... CLICK HERE  to read it!

Easiest and Best Snack EVER!!

So I love grapes!!! As a kid, I'd love to put red grapes in the freezer and eat them as a snack and they are delish!

And so I was on TikTok the other day and saw this video of a woman making frozen jello grapes and I knew I had to try it. And I was NOT disappointed!!!!


  • Red grapes
  • Jello Mix (I used strawberry)
  • Large ziplock bag


1.Take all grapes off the stem and wash.

2. Without drying them, put the grapes into the bag.

3. Pour your jello mix into the bag and close it.

4. Shake the bag until all the grapes are covered in the mix.

5. Try one and see how amazing it is! (yum I know)

6. Put the bag in the freezer until the grapes are frozen and then ENJOY!!!! 

DM me on Instagram if you try it and tell me what you think!!!


Client Win To Celebrate

This week I want to celebrate all my clients and thank them for their support! Here is what they have to say about my coaching program for anyone on the fence about signing up for coaching! 

If you missed the signup date for group coaching, know that I am still accepting a few more people!

If you want to know more details and sign up, just click here or message me on Instagram.

If you are wanting 1:1 support, I am now opening up 3 spots so please click here to book your free 30-minute Food Freedom Blueprint Call!

Awesome Song To Dance To 

I am having a love affair with Good 4 You by Olivia Rodrigo!!

It's on repeat for me this week!!!

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Journal Prompt To Get You Thinking

"I want to be remembered for being....... I am living in accordance to this by......."


Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

All my love.





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With so much incredible feedback about my amazing my 6-week Craving Food Freedom Online Course, I wanted to celebrate with a gift.

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