May 14, 2020 - EP 61: Recovery Means Empowerment with Sasha Fardell

Uncategorized May 14, 2020
I never fully realized the sacrifice I was making by making my body and dieting my #1 priority.
I didn't see the opportunities slip by and the moments of happiness I was robbed of.
I was blind to my own power by being kept small and hungry. I came across a social media account a few years ago that helped me to see what my life could be like. Who I could become if I stepped into recovery and my potential.
On the podcast today I have the woman who helped change my life all those years ago. Coach Sasha Fardell recovered from exercise addiction and anorexia and is here today to share with us how she did it. 
Sasha and I have a vulnerable discussion on:
  • why recovery is the easy option
  • overcoming exercise addiction
  • defining yourself as more than a body
  • letting go of societal expectations
Plus much more!
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