Sept 12, 2019 - EP 35: Uncover Blind Spots and Level Up Your Life with Simon Pelland

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2019

Simon Pelland, my coach, and friend has taken on the task of helping me uncover blind spots in order to radically overhaul my mindset. He is an inspiration to all those who meet him with a positive and upbeat attitude that makes him one of the top relationship coaches around!

A few years ago though, Simon was also diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Now, he is a passionate Huntington's disease advocate and youth mentor with an ambitious goal of helping cure Huntington's disease by 2026!

Today Simon joins me on the podcast to talk about:

  • The power of having a coach
  • His journey with Huntington's disease
  • How to uncover your blind spots
  • The importance of showing yourself compassion

If you're someone who is too hard on yourself, feeling stuck and struggling to show yourself some love, this episode is for you!

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