Sept, 27 2021 - Food For Thought - Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach Victoria Evans

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Your Body Freedom Tip  

When you see a photo of yourself and think that you should be skinnier, prettier, etc... I want you to know that you aren't seeing your own beauty.

Quite literally because you can't!

Your energy, your light, your personality, your everything cannot be captured.

Here is the thing my gorgeous girl, you will never truly see yourself.

You will only see photos or videos but you'll never actually see yourself in real life.

This kinda blows my mind thinking about this.

Consider the picture you took of the sunset.

It is never as beautiful as the real thing, am I right?

That photo of yourself that you hate cannot capture the infinite beauty that is you.

You are enough as you are and as you will change.

A photo is a snapshot in time, not a snapshot of your worth.

So take the photo, record the video because we are simply capturing the memories. 

  If you have a hard time loving yourself in pictures, click here and we can chat more about it in a 30 minute call. 

Instagram Reel 

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Helpful Podcast

I was interviewed on the Just Eat Normally Podcast!

"Radical self-love and intuitive eating with Victoria Evans"

We discuss:

  • My struggle with mental health, extreme dieting, and over-exercise
  • How she found intuitive eating and how it can help us to achieve our potential
  • Practical steps and actionable tools to start practicing eating intuitively today
  • What is radical self-love and how we can start to practice it in our daily life?
  • What is 'bedtime revenge procrastination eating?
  • What is normal eating anyway?

CLICK HERE  to listen in!


So this is what I call my lazy comfort food snack that I've been doing for years!

Sweet Potato Toast!


  • Sweet potato
  • Topping of choice
    • Cream cheese
    • Cheese
    • Hummus
    • Sour cream
    • Cured meat
    • Literally anything


  1. Cut the sweet potato into large thin round slices. 
  2. Put the slices into a toaster oven or into the toaster.
  3. Toast until cooked or crispy (however you like).
  4. Top with your topping of choice!

Literally so easy and delicious for a quick snack! Let me know if you give it a try and what you think of it :)

Client Love

"Before working with Victoria I had struggled for years with my relationship with food, exercise, and my body. I kind of suffered in shame and silence.

Working with Victoria gave me a whole new perspective. I’m learning to be comfortable with myself and refocus on the things that actually matter in life.

I know this was a massive step in my life and will always be super grateful to Victoria for her support and friendship.

Victoria is amazing to work with. She has a relentless positivity that you can help feeling 100x better walking away from the calls.

She backs everything with facts which is amazing to learn and trust how the body works.

The program is so worth taking the step!"

-Sarah D. 

 Ready to get incredible results just like Sarah?

Click the link below to book your free 30-minute consultation call! I would so love to talk with you!


Awesome Song To Chill To 


This is the new song from Alt-J!

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Journal Prompt To Get You Thinking And Healing 

  • What do I want my legacy to be?
  • How am I showing up in my life to build towards this?


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Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

All my love.





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