July 8, 2021 - EP 86: We're Not Waiting On Weight- Tonya and Tracy

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2021
Today on the podcast I have Tonya and Tracy from the We're Not Weighting Podcast. Tonya is a certified Intuitive Eating coach, Health at Every Size® advocate, and nutrition counselor. She's working to break the mold of who and what a nutritionist is. Tracy is a body image coach. She helps women find confidence in the bodies they have. 
Today Tonya, Tracy, and I discuss:
  • Why we need to stop waiting on our weight
  • How to create an intuitive kitchen
  • Overcoming perfectionism by creating permission 
  • Feeling confident and comfortable no matter what our size
  • Navigating the world of diet culture
  • Plus much more!
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Victoria Evans Science-Based Intuitive Eating Coach

This is for you if...

✅ You're tired of feeling like your body is the enemy and ready to work with your body instead of against it 

✅ You're ready to leverage your bodies cues and get back the time and energy you're lost on stress

✅You want to know the actual cause of your cravings and stress eating

What you'll walk away with:

🟨  3 ways to listen to your body and leverage your stress in order to optimize your health and function at the highest level

🟨   Learn the key to not only preventing stress but how to instantly alleviate it through breakthrough techniques 

🟨  Get a game-changing reframe for all things stress, so that you can view your stress response as an encoded message from your body instead of a hinderance

Plus so much more!