June 18, 2020 - EP 63: Stepping Into Your Pleasure with Sara Silverstein



The sex talk you didn't know you needed to hear.

Maybe you had "the talk" growing up.., or maybe you didn't...

But I'm pretty sure that you were never taught about the power of stepping into your pleasure (or how to do it).

To help educate, entertain, and explain, I have Sara Silverstein, a breathwork teacher and sex fanatic on the podcast today.

Sara and I have a value-packed, goofy, and thoroughly amusing talk on:

  • pleasure deprivation
  • lack of boundaries
  • people-pleasing
  • receiving pleasure
  • need for control
  • everything orgasms

Plus much more!

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May 21, 2020 - EP 62: Why You're Burnt Out & What to Do About It with Simona Mickuviene

Just trying to make it through the week was a common theme for me.
I would push myself hard all day long at work, push myself hard at the gym, push myself to eat perfectly, push myself to always look good, and push myself to constantly please others, even if it meant putting myself last.
I didn't realize that this go go go energy was me being in my masculine. I also didn't realize that it was for this reason that I was burning out and chronically needing a vacation from my own life.
I am extremely excited to have Simona Mickuviene on the podcast today to help us learn how to slow down and find balance and meaning in our busy lives.
Simona who recovered from an eating disorder herself is now a bodywork expert that helps women master the power of their mind and energy so that they can thrive emotionally and physically. 
Simona and I have a transformational discussion on:
  • what it means to be an alpha female
  • how to...

May 14, 2020 - EP 61: Recovery Means Empowerment with Sasha Fardell

I never fully realized the sacrifice I was making by making my body and dieting my #1 priority.
I didn't see the opportunities slip by and the moments of happiness I was robbed of.
I was blind to my own power by being kept small and hungry. I came across a social media account a few years ago that helped me to see what my life could be like. Who I could become if I stepped into recovery and my potential.
On the podcast today I have the woman who helped change my life all those years ago. Coach Sasha Fardell recovered from exercise addiction and anorexia and is here today to share with us how she did it. 
Sasha and I have a vulnerable discussion on:
  • why recovery is the easy option
  • overcoming exercise addiction
  • defining yourself as more than a body
  • letting go of societal expectations
Plus much more!
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May 7, 2020 - EP 60: Cosmically Create Your Best Life with Ella Tsang


Have you ever thought about who you could be in this world if you lived as your best self?

If you lived each day from a place of love, peace, and happiness all whilst reaching your potential?

Well, I'm excited to say that on the podcast today I have Cosmic Life and Business Coach Ella Tsang.

Ella has made a career out of teaching others how to change themselves at an identity level in order to live their best life. 

Ella and I have a value-packed discussion on:

  • creating our next-level identity
  • quantum manifestation
  • actions steps to change our reality
  • limiting beliefs and the subconscious mind

Plus much more!

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April 9, 2020 - EP 59: Transform Fear and Shift Our Current Reality Through Context with Simon Pelland



Many of us are currently struggling with the uncertainty and lack of control in our lives. 

For this reason, I wanted to invite Relationship Coach Simon Pelland,  aka the master at transforming how we feel, back on the show for another juicy and value-packed episode!

Simon Pelland and I have an impactful conversation on:

  • Finding a sense of hope amidst uncertainty
  • Reframing our current reality
  • Setting boundaries for mental health
  • Giving ourselves permission to be human
  • Taking aligned action

Plus much more!

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March 26, 2020 - EP 58: 3 Tips for Food Scarcity + Fear - COVID-19

There is a lot of scarcity, fear, and anxiety happening in the world right now but you don't need to let that become your reality. This week I jumped on IGTV to share 3 tips on how you can overcome this food scarcity mentality, fear, and anxiety that a lot of us have been experiencing during this COVID-19 outbreak.
This podcast episode, taken from my IGTV episode is short and to the point! In this episode I'll cover:
  • How to lower your stress levels
  • 3 tips for overcoming a scarcity mentality
  • The benefits of breathing
and much more!
I hope these tips serve you during these times of uncertainty and isolation.
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Please note that the audio from this episode has been taken from an IGTV video I posted this past week: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Dn2PNHDXs/
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March 12, 2020 - EP 57: Heal Your Relationship with Food Through Spiritual Surrender

Spirituality isn't often talked about in conjunction with eating disorders but today's guest does an incredible job of bringing the two together and helping people heal their relationships with food through spiritual surrender.

I have to admit I was never been much of a spiritual person, growing up in a family who loved medicine and science it was all considered a load of hoohoo; but recently I've been exploring my spirituality more and I was SO excited to sit down and explore the connection between food and the spirit more with the fabulous Grigoria Krtsotolis!

Grigoria is a marketing consultant turned spiritual entrepreneur, business and mindset coach. She is dedicated to lifting the vibration of the earth by helping people uncover their true selves and reach their potential. 

Today she joins me to talk about her own journey with food, how she too struggled with an eating disorder but by truly listening AND speaking to her own body she came out victorious.

In this...

Feb 27, 2020- EP 56: 5 Tips For Bulimia Recovery

Did you know that it's Eating Disorder Awareness Week?
Well in honor of that and with so much positive feedback on last week's episode, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into how I personally overcame my 10 year battle with bulimia.
This solo podcast episode is short, sweet and to the point! 
You'll leave this episode with:
  • my bulimia story
  • 5 tips to stop bulimia
  • free resources in recovery
Plus much more!
If you enjoyed this episode please be sure to rate and review!
Please note that the audio from this episode has been taken from my YouTube video I posted this past week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_ypIld47h8&t=2s
Victoria Evans Intuitive Eating Coach

Feb 20, 2020- EP 55: An Honest Conversation On Bulimia Recovery with Amina Sutter

It starts out as a dirty little secret... but then it becomes so much more.
Bulimia takes over your life with ruthless and intense power, it has the capability to destroy and devastate everything in its wake if left unchecked.
I personally struggled with bulimia since age 12, which means that for over 10 years I had this debilitating disease before I sought the help that changed my life forever. 
Despite so many people suffering from bulimia, we rarely talk about it which only furthers the shame and fuels the disease.
Today on the podcast I talk with Amina Sutter, a Bulimia Recovery Coach from Switzerland who like myself suffered from bulimia for 10 years.
We speak candidly about our journey with bulimia which translates into incredible value, relatability, and inspiration!
In this episode Amina and I discuss:
  • first steps in bulimia recovery
  • recovery versus healing
  • overcoming our programming
  • different types of...

Feb 13, 2020- EP 54: Overcoming Your Anxiety and Starting Meditation with Kieran Hedley


Having anxiety is so commonly talked about today that one might start to think that it is the new normal.  But anxiety is not something you should have to live with and suffer through, it is, in fact, something that can be overcome.

Today on the podcast I talk with Kieran Hedley, an Anxiety Coach and Meditation Guide from New Zealand. Having battled through his own darkness and anxiety he now takes a scientific and spiritual based approach to guide and coach others to overcome their own anxiety.

In this episode Kieran and I discuss:

  • how to start meditating
  • relationship between fear and anxiety
  • steps to enter a conscious state
  • the distinction between mental health and mental illness

Plus much more!

If you enjoyed this episode with Kieran please be sure to rate and review!

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