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Sharing wins, testimonials and results from my incredible coaching clients transformations.

Sarah Chick, Age 33

Prior to working with Victoria: I was constantly in a state of emotional eating, over-eating, and not listening to my body. I didn't know how to trust or listen to my body. 

I had limited knowledge of the scientific evidence of WHY I continued to engage in this behavior. I thought I was going to end up a continuous, sad, anxious, over-eater because it was my only method of coping. I didn't know I had such power within me.

Since working with Victoria: I have learned WHY my body continues to act in such a chaotic manner! I learned  why scientifically I emotionally eat and over-eat, and how my brain actually works in terms of survival. I learned tools, tips, tricks, techniques, and real-world practical methods that I can incorporate on a daily basis so I DO NOT have to over-eat, binge-eat, or emotionally eat any more.

Victoria truly saved my life and provided me with so much confidence, knowledge, and strength that I didn't even know I had. I truly cannot tell you the amount of knowledge Victoria has and how powerful it is; I don't have enough words to describe it.

My entire life I have spent going from Therapist to Therapist (while being a Therapist) and doing nothing but emotional upheaval. For the first time in my life, I realized and learned WHY my body does this from a logistical standpoint, a scientific evolutionary basis, and it all makes sense!

It was that complex, and that simple - and I would not be here without her support. I could not refer this service enough. 


Lara, Age 26

I was facing some deep and abiding issues with food, exercise and body image. I would restrict my calories and over exercise, pushing myself to the limits, and then where would sink into more depressive symptoms, isolate myself, and engage in binge behaviors.

It was an awful cycle that left me feeling totally trapped in and dissociated from my body. It was holding me back in my relationships with myself and with friends and family and keeping me stuck in a pessimistic and victimized mentality.

I have learned all kinds of tools to mitigate the behaviors that kept me stuck, but more importantly, I've gained the confidence I needed to reinvest in my relationship with myself, to be curious about who I am and about what I have to offer. I feel more empowered than I ever have in my adult life.

I realize how much of my life prior to meeting Victoria was a series of self-fulfilling prophecies. Where the mind goes, energy follows. I needed to change my energy output, disconnect from the many energy vampires (people, habits, places, practices, etc.) in my life, and give my radical permission to LIVE. Corny but true folks.

I couldn't be more grateful. Victoria is a gifted coach but also a gifted and loving friend.

H.R.S, Age 31

I felt weighed down by my constant obsession with what I should and shouldn’t be eating, when I should start my next diet and frustration that my body didn’t look the way I thought it should.

As a result I constantly felt anxious, tired and like a failure. After working with Victoria for six weeks it’s like black and white the difference in my life, and I can hardly believe it! It’s like she gently help me to release my obsession with food by giving me simple but highly effective tools and lots of round the clock support.

By teaching me how my mind works and why I was obsessing it gave me space and compassion for myself which then aloud me to let go of so many stories I was holding on to which were not true .

Now I feel like I’m am so much closer to who I truly am, living a full and adventurous life, in touch with myself and with so much more energy to live the way I want. A life without restriction of my food or my feelings.


A.R.S, Age 21

I was struggling heavily with the binge and restrict cycle. My life was inconsistent and I didn’t trust myself around food. I’d restrict for most of the day just to have a huge binge later on. Then that meant I needed to compensate, so I’d be paying for it both mentally and physically.

After working with Victoria food no longer has as much emotional weight for me. Victoria is truly amazing! One of the most genuine, real, honest, caring and empathetic people I’ve ever come in contact with. She taught me there are positive ways to cope with emotions and it’s important to confront and let ourselves feel whatever we’re feeling.

Victoria is an amazing support system and so attentive! She is the most beneficial source of help I’ve received and her unlimited support is beyond helpful. She’s honest, open and tells you what you need to hear in a loving way. She provides the science behind why we do what we do and provides the tools to rebuild those negative patterns. Her coaching is truly incredible and I’ll always be grateful for everything Victoria did for me.

Emma Fink, Age 24

When I started the program, I was coming from a calorie-counting background. My parents had started calorie counting so many times, and they had conditioned me into thinking that it was the only way to live a healthy life. This led me to become obsessed with numbers, like my weight, my calorie intake, serving was exhausting and anxiety-inducing.

Now, I feel comfortable never counting calories or stepping on a scale again. I'm focusing on how the foods make me feel, instead of how much of it I'm eating. Working with Victoria has put me well on the right path to food freedom.

I feel comfortable having chocolate in the house again, and I can eat ice cream straight from the container without worrying about eating too much! Listening to my body has changed my life. I LOVE the journey I'm on to a healthy and sustainable, yet BALANCED, lifestyle. And it's all thanks to Victoria.  I cannot recommend Victoria highly enough.


Cydney began my coaching program when she was struggling with her eating habits during a stressful period of time while in school. Together we created action plans and tools to overcome her disordered eating so that she could end her struggled around food AND ace her exams! 


Laura. Age 27

Although I wasn't conscious of this at the time, I discovered Victoria when I was finally ready to start investing in mending my relationship with myself (which is what really lies at the heart of all my issues with food, exercise, and my body).

Victoria gave me the language and tools I needed to re-establish connection with myself and to build trust with the parts of me that I had long since banished. The spirit of compassion she brings to each call clearly stems from this internal well of compassion she has for herself.

She's been a model for me of a woman with shared struggles who decided to shift her energy to create her own reality and on her own terms. One of the most impactful moments I've experienced with Victoria involved her holding me accountable for hiding and avoiding (a habit I've struggled with for a long time).

She has a firm but gentle way of seeing me in my full mess while challenging me to understand myself and my behavior, and to rise above the (sometimes pretty destructive) path of least resistance. Could not recommend this lady more emphatically!


Lana began my program after struggling with the binge-restrict cycle. She was frustrated with feeling powerless in her eating habits.  Following the completion of my program she is successfully on her food freedom journey. She looks at any cravings and urges as messages from her body that she can now interpret and overcome. She is learning to love and honor her body after struggling with body dysmorphia for years. Lana now knows how to manage stress and emotions and is excited about her new  life no longer being held captive to food.


April English, Age 24

Before working with Victoria, I was unhealthily obsessed with my eating habits. I restricted certain foods that I categorized as "bad" and I would eat foods only because I labelled them as "healthy".

Restriction led to binge eating episodes and every time I ate something I categorized as "bad" I would feel extreme guilt and shame. I was never REALLY happy eating. After working with Victoria,  I have a healthy relationship with food, exercise, my body and my mindset.

It was a personal breakthrough. Now I eat adequately, for what my body needs. I eat when I'm hungry and I stop when I'm full. I have never been so happy; inside and out. I would recommend coaching with Victoria to every single person struggling with unhealthy eating habits or an unhealthy relationship with your body or mindset.



Carly M. Age 26

The friendship we developed from our coaching sessions and sharing personal experiences, struggles and strengths .

The overall ease of being able to do this coaching session online, the homework on my own time, and booking sessions on my own time and schedule. Working with Victoria changed my life.


April began my program after struggling with finding balance with food in her life. She was struggling with restriction, self-sabotage and feelings of guilt around her eating. Following the completion of my program she is thriving at crossfit, free to eat the foods she wants and is no longer obsessing about food or her body. She is happy, excited about life and most importantly fueled with self-love!


S, Age 28.

Victoria was a an amazing coach to work with. I looked forward to that sacred hour I had per week to discuss my problems and worries - and she was more than a friend who listened to me with so much empathy. She had gone through it all herself - it was so easy to explain to her my worries because she just GOT them. She lived them.

She was super organised, and this I loved about her. Her corporate background melded so well with mine - her well taken notes, her taping the calls, her constant attention to detail. Her organised approach was everything and more I needed in my busy life. I would 10000% refer this service to your friends and i have already!



Sarah joined my program after years of trying different therapies and treatments in attempt to heal her relationship with food. After successfully completing my program, she now has the tools she needs to stop her disordered eating and to instead eat intuitively! 


Corinne H., Age 30,

I started to work with Victoria, after following her account on Instagram. I love her positive feedback. Her science-based approach is great for an analytical person like me. I loved that I could understand why I was still doing certain things.

This insight and the tools she gave me to overcome certain things gave me the right push to start moving forward.

Without the coaching of Victoria I would still be in the same spot. I would have had a sparkle of motivation for a few days and then fall back in ED-behaviors. But she kept me accountable, because of her checking in via whatsapp, the calls we did and the fact I invested money in this coaching.

I could always send her message and that was so nice. The main things I take away from this is that it's ok to mess up sometimes, you can only learn from this. It doesn't have to go perfect all the time, I can relax a bit more and enjoy the journey instead of always running towards the focus-point. It gave me a feeling of peace and relaxation I hadn't had in a long time.



Ashley began my program after struggling with obsessive thoughts about food and body as well as constant boredom and stress snacking. She was frustrated that she wasn't able to focus at work as well as the impact on her social life that food was having. After the completion of my coaching program Ashley is thriving at her work, no longer thinking about food, no longer boredom/ stress snacking and she shows up at social events confident in herself. An incredible transformation!


Cydney Smith, Age 25

My overall experience working with Victoria has changed my life in many ways for the better! I had many "AH HAH" moments throughout the coaching experience. I think her program is thoughtful and based on her own experiences, which makes her an amazing coach! And most of all, I have more self love than ever before!

With Victoria, I found convenience and security by doing the sessions over video chats, which means she can reach out and help people all over the world! I would definitely refer this service to friends and other people who are currently struggling in their relationship with food.



Lauren enrolled in my program after struggling in her relationship with food and sought help learning to eat intuitively. She now eats what she wants when she wants without guilt! Lauren is killing it at her job, just moved in with her partner and is loving her new life after finding food freedom. 


Makayla Anderson, 25

Before working with Victoria, I was always searching for the next diet or workout program. I found most of, if not all, of my worth in my body. I was constantly beating myself up if I ate too much, didn’t work out enough, or my body wasn’t changing how I wanted it to. My world was so small and sad. I was so mean to myself and honestly mean to others in my head. I had huge insecurities and worried constantly about what people thought of me.

So many of my conversations with friends revolved around food, things we hated about our bodies, and the new “thing” we were trying to finally get to the next level.

I was SO doubtful about Victoria’s program but would do it all again in a second! Now, I listen to myself when it comes to food and exercise. My internal thoughts to myself and others are so positive and compassionate. I’ve learned to accept myself in a way I never thought possible with tools that I can have with me wherever I go.

She wasn’t kidding when she says Freedom. That is how I feel. I feel free, loved (by myself), and more confident than I thought I could ever be, especially just letting my body be.

 There’s so much more to life than food and exercise .Accepting/loving yourself is the greatest power you can ever acquire.  My body and my mind are my friend.

This experience has completely altered my perspective and the world around me. I am genuinely happier:) And that’s all I ever wanted

I looked forward to every call! We laughed a lot and were just so open. Our sessions took me places I never thought would be talked about. We talked about emotions, vulnerability, trauma, limiting beliefs, body image, overall acceptance, and the actual psychology and biology of my brain and how that contributes to my life. This all tied into my difficulties with food and exercise. I felt heard, validated, and supported always! Overall, a great experience filled with great information, revelations/ epiphanies, and now a good friend:)

I honestly didn’t have any expectations. I didn’t know what to expect. I was doubtful how practical things would be and if I could carry them over into my everyday life.

My expectations were exceeded! I think the only “issue” we had is that we just lived to talk and would run out of time but we always got through what we needed

Would I refer this service to your friends?Yes, yes, and 1000% yes!!!! I already have talked it up to everyone I see.

This is truly an amazing program Victoria has developed! It’s so accessible for all woman and makes a very impactful, positive difference.


Hannah. S

After obsessing about losing weight and what food to eat for more than 15 years, I finally feel like I have taken that obsession, dropped it and stepped away. I feel freer to be myself and have energy to live the life I want.

Victoria taught me what it actually means to love myself and now I can say I truly do. I am more present and in touch with my thoughts and what my body truly needs.

Most feelings or restriction or obsession are gone and I feel like I can breathe deeper and am much more calm overall. I feel like this process has been so gentle yet incredibly powerful.

And I believe that’s because it is truly based on loving oneself. And I can honestly without any doubt that I now love myself fully. Just the way I am.


Dr. Ayars, Age 28

Prior to working with Victoria, I had an enormous amount of anxiety around food. I was constantly thinking about what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and beating myself up physically and emotionally when I would make a mistake.

I felt completely out of control and panicked about my relationship with food and my body. Victoria’s coaching was truly a lighthouse in the storm of my binge and emotional eating.

She offered a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, she acted as a friend and support system to help me navigate my challenges with food.

She uses a science-based approach that helped me understand what was happening with me on a neurological and psychological level, and gave me a number of tangible practices to help me through stressful times without reverting to unhealthy patterns.

Victoria was tough enough to hold me accountable, but also warm and relatable enough to rely in and confide in. I would recommend Victoria’s coaching to anyone struggling with binge and emotional eating. Because of Victoria, I have the tools I need to stop letting food control me and be at ease around food. Thank you, Victoria!