Food Freedom Course | Intuitive Eating With Victoria Evans

How to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without guilt or shame WHILE loving your body!

 I expertly teach you step-by-step the science behind food freedom, help you implement each of my master strategies and tools, cheer you on, and hold your hand throughout your entire food freedom journey! 

It's a total freakin game-changer, are you ready for it?
food freedom course with Victoria Evans

The Craving Food Freedom Course is a 6-week self-paced online program to revolutionize the way you eat and radically change your life.

If you like my style, you'll love this program because it's logical, actionable, and no fluff!
It’s taking you right to what you need to know and teaching you exactly how to do it in 6 strategic phases efficiently and effectively. 
Release your guilt, shame, and frustration and learn that it was never about willpower.
It was always about misunderstanding what your body ACTUALLY needs.
Once you learn how to understand each other using my cutting-edge neurobiology techniques and neuro association tools, the relationship between food and yourself becomes effortless.

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craving food freedom online course  | victoria evans

What if there was a way to have no more food: drama, guilt, rules, shame, fear, or sabotage??

to finally be free to eat intuitively, to work with your body, not against it, and feel f*cking fantastic. 
AND what if you could learn step-by-step exactly how to do it all in 6 weeks self-paced course from the comfort of your own home?

The Craving Food Freedom Course is finally here!!



  • being free to eat the foods you love without experiencing feelings of guilt or shame or obsessively worrying 
  • the simplicity to just eat when you're hungry and stop when full without all the food drama 
  • understanding your food cravings so that you can finally feel in control around food and stop the self-sabotage
  • keeping ANY foods you want in the house and trusting yourself fully around them
  • confidently showing up in every area of your life and reaching your potential because nothing is holding you back

But maybe you're not quite there yet...


Let me know if this sounds a little too familiar...

  • you find that your outlook on life, your mood, your everything revolves around how 'good' you've eaten that day
  • you are constantly doing mental calorie calculations so you know what you're allowed to eat and how much you need to workout
  • you spend so much time, energy and money worrying about food and your body, you feel like you're not truly living
  • food rules have become the pilot of your life, fueling the constant and exhausting mental chatter 
  • you know your relationship with food is negatively impacting those around you 
  • you live in the extremes of eating 'perfectly' and 'sabotaging' while craving balance

Well, it doesn't have to be like this anymore!

craving food freedom online course  | coach victoria evans

This is why I created my 6-week step-by-step self-paced course teaching you my exact method to have food freedom for life.  


With my signature 1:1 coaching program routinely being SOLD OUT, I knew it was time to package it all up into a course so that I could help even more women get incredible results!


 You can find your food freedom even if:

  • you've spent most of your life on and off diets hopping from one fad diet to the next
  • you've been an avid calorie counter and or macro tracker for many years
  • you've put yourself through crazy juice cleanses and many intermittent fasting phases
  • you've been afraid try intuitive eating because of how your weight might change
  • you've tried intuitive eating before but got scared and gave up because your eating habits felt chaotic 
  • you’ve struggled with binge eating and felt like it’s impossible to feel at peace around trigger foods
  • you’ve bought the Intuitive Eating book but it didn’t work for you because it wasn’t practical and actionable
  • you’ve been stuck in a late night snack cycle and or a chronic finish your plate pattern and feel like it’s hopeless to ever change

The Craving Food Freedom Course has been designed to cover all of these things!


BUT, the course is NOT designed for you if:

you want a diet /meal plan or to be told what to eat/ what not to eat

  • intuitive eating means listening to your own body NOT me or anyone else telling you what to eat.
  • this course is all about educating you on how your brain and body works and providing you with the knowledge, tools, strategies, and tips so that you can heal your relationship with food and eat intuitively.

you want an overnight fix to your food problems

  • this course is educating you on how your brain and body works and getting to the root of your food problems. I will hold your hand step-by-step throughout this process but you will still have to put in real work, real-time and real effort.

you want a program to simply lose weight

  • the objective of this program is NOT weight loss and those seeking a weight loss program should not enroll.
  • intuitive eating will restore you to your set point weight which we will discuss in this program. 
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craving food freedom course reviews
reviews craving food freedom online course
reviews of craving food freedom online course
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 craving food freedom 6 week course

We get real on what intuitive eating ACTUALLY is and how to achieve it! We dive into this course having replaced the "what is wrong with me" mentality with the "ooooh I get it now". Education is key! 

You'll Learn:

  • what is preventing you from listening to your body in order to eat intuitively

  • the strategy to build trust and connection to your body and its cues
  • how to find your set point weight and overcome the fear of weight change

... plus more!


Why does it sometimes seem like you're fighting yourself when it comes to eating? Well turns out there is nothing wrong with you, you're actually doing exactly the right thing according to your brain! 

You'll Learn:

  • the different types of food restriction (some will surprise you)

  • how to shut up your inner mean girl

  • the key for listening to and honoring hunger and fullness cues

... plus more!


Why is it that you get that uncontrollable urge to eat all the treats? Why do you find yourself in an endless cycle of 'tomorrow I'll get back on track?' Why does 1 cookie always turn into the whole box? All your questions answered and solved!

You'll Learn:

  • what those urges really mean and how it's simply a matter of decoding the message

  • what happens in your brain that makes it feel like you're a different person when you're eating

  • how to eat mindfully and keep any food you want in the house more! 


Guess what? Our brain is hella lazy as per design which is why it tends to repeat the same behaviors (even if we don't like them) time and time again simply because it has become a habit! The good news is that we can use our understanding of our brain to our advantage! Let's work smarter not harder #BRAINHACKS! 

You'll Learn:

  • why it's so hard to break out of bad eating behaviors

  • uncovering how our bad eating habits formed so that we can eradicate them

  • how to use supercool brain hacks to successfully create new habits more! 


There is a reason why we began dieting and why our eating habits look the way they do. We uncover the root causes that ultimately created our current eating behaviors so that we can effect real and long lasting change. This phase is crucial otherwise it would be like trying to put a bandaid over a bullet wound!

You'll Learn:

  • rewriting and swapping out the limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck
  • regulating the nervous system to feel calm, balanced and at peace with food
  • letting go of people pleasing and the perfectionism all-or-nothing approach more ! 


Tough day at work, fight with a partner, traffic, a global pandemic... I think we can all agree that life is stressful and can feel like an emotional roller coaster! Food often becomes our coping mechanism to get us through, to buffer, and distract. But this is not a solution, rather it often creates a bigger problem which is why we need to learn how to become emotionally empowered! 

You'll Learn:

  • how to alleviate the emotional restriction you've unknowingly placed on yourself
  • the clear and concise steps to process any emotion at any time
  • why we emotionally eat and how to effortlessly overcome it more! 

  • Training on intuitive movement and how to start practicing it today
  • Training on intuitive cooking and meal preparation
  • Training on biohacks to reduce stress and live mindfully
  • Special guest training on how to manifest your dream life
  • Special guest training on acupressure points for food freedom
  • Phone wallpapers of key course info reminders and transformational tools
  • A super-secret surprise (hint. body confidence) that you'll need to wait and see. You're gonna love it!



Here’s what you get in the Craving Food Freedom Course:

6 Phases of Trainings
($2,000 value)
Private Facebook Group For Accountability, Questions & Support
($500 value)
6 Homework Booklets Packed with Life-Changing Tools
($750 value)
All The Awesome Bonuses
($1,000 value)

 Total value: $4,250 USD

But you get it for



Here’s what you get in the Craving Food Freedom Course:

6 Phases of Trainings
($2,000 value)
Private Facebook Group For Accountability, Questions & Support
($500 value)
6 Homework Booklets Packed with Life-Changing Tools
($750 value)
All The Awesome Bonuses
($1,000 value)

 Total value: $4,250 USD

But you get it for



Food Freedom Course Sale (Limited Time Offer)

One payment of $97 USD

Regular Price $499.99


Food Freedom Course Sale (Limited Time Offer)

One payment of $97 USD

Regular Price $499.99


 The ONLY food freedom course you'll ever need for the BEST value!

Psst... Looking for 1:1 coaching support in addition to the course? 
After signing up for the course there is an option to purchase the VIP upgrade to receive 3 x 60 min 1:1 coaching calls on Zoom with Victoria. 

Course Feedback 

craving food freedom online course feedback

Here is what my past clients have to say...


April began my program after struggling with finding balance with food in her life. She was struggling with restriction, self-sabotage and feelings of guilt around her eating.
Following the completion of my program, she is thriving at CrossFit, free to eat the foods she wants and is no longer obsessing about food or her body. She is happy, excited about life and most importantly fueled with self-love!


Mili joined my program after thinking for over 10 years that something was wrong with her because she couldn't stick to a diet, healthy eating or exercise program. This made her feel bad which would result in her going out and eating sweets which would lead to more guilt, a vicious cycle!
After successfully completing my program, she now understands that her body is in fact working with her, not against her! She's able to tune into her body, no longer stress eat or feel guilty for eating the foods she loves and is confident and in control of her eating, body and life!


Lauren enrolled in my program after struggling in her relationship with food and sought help learning to eat intuitively. She now eats what she wants when she wants without guilt! Lauren is killing it at her job, just moved in with her partner and is loving her new life after finding food freedom.


Ashley began my program after struggling with obsessive thoughts about food and body. She was frustrated that she wasn't able to focus at work as well as the impact on her social life that food was having.
After the completion of my coaching program Ashley is thriving at her work, no longer thinking about food, no longer boredom/ stress snacking and she shows up at social events confident in herself. 
craving food freedom online course app


Prior to working with Victoria: I was constantly in a state of emotional eating, over-eating, and not listening to my body. I didn't know how to trust or listen to my body. 
I had limited knowledge of the scientific evidence of WHY I continued to engage in this behaviour. I thought I was going to end up a continuous, sad, anxious, over-eater because it was my only method of coping. I didn't know I had such power within me.
Since working with Victoria: I have learned WHY my body continues to act in such a chaotic manner! I learned why scientifically I emotionally eat and over-eat, and how my brain actually works in terms of survival.
I learned tools, tips, tricks, techniques, and real-world practical methods that I can incorporate on a daily basis so I DO NOT have to over-eat, binge-eat, or emotionally eat any more.
Victoria truly saved my life and provided me with so much confidence, knowledge, and strength that I didn't even know I had. I truly cannot tell you the amount of knowledge Victoria has and how powerful it is; I don't have enough words to describe it. I could not refer this program enough. 


Before working with Victoria, I was always searching for the next diet or workout program. I was constantly beating myself up if I ate too much, didn’t work out enough, or my body wasn’t changing how I wanted it to. My world was so small and sad. I was so mean to myself and honestly mean to others in my head. I had huge insecurities and worried constantly about what people thought of me.
I was SO doubtful about Victoria’s program but would do it all again in a second! Now, I listen to myself when it comes to food and exercise. My internal thoughts to myself and others are so positive and compassionate. I’ve learned to accept myself in a way I never thought possible with tools that I can have with me wherever I go.
She wasn’t kidding when she says freedom. That is how I feel. I feel free, loved (by myself), and more confident than I thought I could ever be, especially just letting my body be.
This experience has completely altered my perspective and the world around me. I am genuinely happier :) And that’s all I ever wanted.
 Would I refer this service to your friends? Yes, yes, and 1000% yes!!!! I already have talked it up to everyone I see.
This is truly an amazing program Victoria has developed! It’s so accessible for all women and makes a very impactful, positive difference.


Prior to this program, my thoughts/days/world revolved around food.
I would not eat all day and therefore binge in the evenings. All of these behaviours lead to having a distorted view of how my body looked and felt.
I was skeptical about this program as I felt like no one could take away my struggle with these eating behaviours. Well, I was wrong on so many levels.  Thanks to Victoria, I have been able to heal my mind in more ways than I ever thought possible. I have learned so many tools that have literally changed the way my brain copes. 
Now I feel so free around food and no longer binge or see myself in a distorted way (even on a bad day; which we are bound to have, I have the tools to look back on and do the work and remind my brain that I am safe and it's okay to be the me I am, as I am).
It's very hard to express in words the freedom that comes after this program... the healing I was capable of, with Victoria's guidance, leaves me speechless. I have the freedom to be who I am and not have food control my emotions, actions or attitude! I feel like I can take on the world! 
I wish every woman could take this program!!!! I am SOOOO thankful for you and our time together! Thank you for being awesome and helping me see that I am awesome!
craving food freedom feedback online course
craving food freedom online course rating
craving food freedom online course rated
reviewed craving food freedom online course
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feedback on craving food freedom online course


Did you know that 95% of diets fail?


NO, you don't need another diet plan!!

You know that it is time to try something new, with tested, proven and above all SUSTAINABLE results.

No more food rules, no more guilt, no more self-sabotage.
You are free to live the life you have always dreamed of.