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what is preventing you from listening to your body in order to eat intuitively





the strategy to build trust and connection to your body and its cues




how to find your set point weight and love your body



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With so much incredible feedback about my 6-week Craving Food Freedom Online Course, I wanted to celebrate with a gift.

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Hi, I'm Victoria!
I teach high-achieving women how to heal their relationship with food and body through a unique science-based approach.
I pride myself on educating and empowering women about their eating habits on a scientific and biological level after myself recovering from extreme dieting, binge eating, emotional overeating, and other eating disorders.
In my own recovery, I saw all the places severely lacking and so I became the coach that I myself needed. I take my first-hand experience and share it with you!  

My coaching has changed the lives of my clients and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change yours as well during this "taste test" the Craving Food Freedom Online Course.