Imagine this..

You wake up with a smile on your face ready to seize the day. 
With ease you slip into your morning routine and savor a delicious breakfast feeling fueled and ready to go. Balanced, calm and driven you start off the work day totally in the flow.
You don’t even realize that it’s lunch by the time you look up and check the clock. Productive and efficient, your consistent performance is impressing everyone, even yourself. 
In your mid-year review you’re glowing, you feel seen and recognized, just like the badass professional woman that you always knew you could be.
No time wasted on counting your calories and worrying about everything you ate that day because your mission is bigger than that.
Your life is more purposeful and you know it.
You have evolved into a powerful force in the company, respected for not only your work, but for how it comes effortlessly to you and how energized you are.
The question: “how are you doing it?” is a frequent one from curious colleagues.

This is for you if...

✅  You're tired of feeling like your body is the enemy and ready to work with your body instead of against it 
✅  You're ready to leverage your bodies cues and get back the time and energy you're lost on stress 
✅  You've dreamed about listening to your body feel easeful by eliminating the unnecessary stress and confusion you place on yourself
✅ You have been feeling like you’re the victim of yourself when you do behaviors like stress eat and then feel guilt
✅ You want to know the actual cause of your cravings and stress eating 
✅ You're interested in learning new cutting edge tools to not only reduce stress but also prevent new stress from occurring
✅ You're ready to shatter some common mistakes around what it actually means to have food freedom from stress eating
✅ You have big ideas and are committed to excelling in your career but are frustrated you can’t show up because you’ve exhausted your energy worrying about everything you’ve eaten that day
✅ You may be doing all the 'right things' to reduce stress such as meditation and yoga but are still finding yourself always reaching for the snacks to cope

If you have the drive and motivation to reclaim your power over food then why not do it? 

It's no longer an option for you to stay stuck in this loop of stress eating and guilt. You are done just surviving and ready to start thriving. 

Learn what you’re doing wrong with your stress eating and what to do about it in an easy and powerful way! Let’s work with your body, not against it!

The time is now!

What you'll walk away with:

🟨  3 ways to listen to your body and leverage your stress in order to optimize your health and function at the highest level

🟨  Learn the key to not only preventing stress but how to instantly alleviate it through breakthrough techniques 

🟨  Get a game-changing reframe for all things stress, so that you can view your stress response as an encoded message from your body instead of a hinderance

🟨  Ability to see your blindspots around stress so that you feel totally in control to choose a different stress relief tool 

🟨  Fundamental understanding of what stress ACTUALLY is in the body, education is empowerment

🟨  Free up your time and energy from thoughts of food and guilt and reallocate that to whatever you want (massage, new hobby, dream vacation?)

🟨  Shatter the common yet unknown stress pitfalls that have hijacked your life and happiness for for far too long

Hi I'm Victoria!

I teach high achieving women how to heal their relationship with food through a no bullsh*t approach.
I specialize in helping women stop sabotaging and destructive eating behaviors so that they can be free to eat and live intuitively.

I pride myself on educating and empowering women about their eating habits on a scientific and biological level after myself recovering from extreme dieting, binge eating, emotional overeating, anorexia and bulimia.

In my own recovery I saw all the places severely lacking and so I became the coach that I myself needed. I take my first hand experience and unique science based approach and share it with you!  

My coaching has changed the lives of my clients and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change yours as well during this masterclass.

What they're saying!

Ashley B.

Prior to this program food was constantly on my mind! As soon as I finished one meal I was thinking forward to the next meal. I would snack constantly as a way to mask my emotions and to 'handle' boredom. Now I no longer need to eat as a way to hide or handle my emotions. I don't eat to 'handle' boredom. I respect my hunger levels and no longer feel guilty about what I eat.

Mili V.

Before this program I was in a place where I honestly thought something was wrong with me... I'd been struggling tor 10 years to stick to any sort of healthy eating. I felt like I was trapped. Now I've been able to enjoy my favourite foods guilt free and I even signed up to a gym because I want to feel better, not because I need to lose weight! This is better than anything else I could have signed up for!

Jayshika. N

Before I was always on some sort of diet which was a vicious cycle of restrict - binge. From the time I woke in the morning, till I go to bed, all I did was think about food.  Now I barely think about food!I I no longer feel controlled by the numbers i.e calories, macros, scale, etc. I've learned how to be in touch with my emotions and to not use food to cope with my emotions.