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Victoria's bio: 

Victoria Evans began her career in the corporate world with a prominent Fortune 500 company in the beauty industry in Montreal. During this time, her challenges related to eating disorders, mental health,  extreme dieting, and overexercising became a catalyst for creating a solution to an issue millions of women deal with today. As a successful Intuitive Eating Coach, she is disrupting the wellness industry through her fundamentally science-based approach. Victoria helps countless women heal their relationship with food by optimizing their mindset for happier and healthier lifestyles through her online programs.

Links for show notes:

Sample questions:

  • Why do we always seem to self-sabotage and fail at our attempts to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle?
  • What kind of destructive eating behaviors do you see most often and what can we do about it?
  • How can we slow down and eat mindfully when we're constantly stressed, busy, and overwhelmed?
  • Many of us have gained weight during Covid-19, how can we feel confident in our body and connect to it despite this?
  • What is radical self-love and how do we start to practice it in our daily life?
  • How can we use feminism to combat perfectionism and people-pleasing, especially when it comes to our body?
  • You coach science-based intuitive eating. could you explain what that is and why you think it is the key to achieving our potential
  • Can you share with us some of your famous actionable tools to start practicing eating intuitively today?